1 Tea Party Ideas and Easter Party Ideas To Celebrate the Arrival of Spring

Tea Party Ideas Fit In With Easter Celebrations

Afternoon tea party ideas is a great way to celebratetea party flowaers the Easter Holiday and the arrival of spring. Easter is a day when many get dressed in their new spring outfits and visit with family and friends. It is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts.

Having afternoon tea can be a new tradition for your family to enjoy. It is a fun way to entertain. There are Easter parades, Easter egg hunts and baskets full of candy for the children. The colors of spring are pastels of yellow, blues, shades of pink and greens.

Afternoon tea party ideas for easter is a delicious way to bring the family together. Be creative. Get out the punch bowls because tea does not have to be just served hot!

Easter tea party ideas and suggestions

Planning for afternoon tea should begin with a theme. Easter tea party ideas for a theme may be:

Once you have decided on the theme, the fun begins.  Send out personalized invitations to you guests. These invitations should promote your theme.

 It is important to let your guests know what to expect as far as dress (casual, costume or dress up).  Add an RSVP to the invitation. This adds a special importance to the event.

When decorating for the party, make sure to use lots of color. Pastel colored streamers, baskets of colored eggs or flowers all create ambiance for your party theme.

Determine where you will be seating your guests. In some parts of the country, the weather will still be cool. Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor gathering, it is important to have comfortable seating for your guests.  

Determine ahead of time the music you will have playing. Make the music appropriate for you theme. It will enhance your party.  

Make sure you have plenty of space to display your centerpiece and food. Get creative with the napkins. There are multiple ways to fold a napkin, even paper ones that can add to the color and decorations or your theme.

Try something different and create edible napkin rings.    

For some an Easter afternoon tea is bringing out the best dishes and serving tea in a traditional way. tea party ideas table settingFor others, afternoon tea can be themed paper plates and cups. What ever your style, what you are serving is important to the success of your Easter afternoon tea.

For those that want a traditional tea party. The basics for an afternoon tea are a good quality tea with complements such as: sugar cubes, honey, lemon slices and milk. Finger sandwiches are usually followed by scones, lemon curd, and Devonshire cream. Simple slices of cake, tarts or cookies may also be served.

For a more non traditional afternoon tea, serving a variety of hot teas as well as a tea punch may be on your menu. Serving finger foods, instead of just finger sandwiches may be part of your Easter afternoon tea fare.

Make sure that if you are serving a dessert that requires a fork or spoon that you have those utensils readily available with the dessert plates. 

Make sure to plan ahead and give your tea party ideas some of your own personality. Finally enjoy...                  

BTW: We would love to share your tea party ideas with our readers. Send them in here and be sure to give us permission to use your idea.

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