Tea and Herbal Teas

What's In It For Your Family?

Do health issues concern you? Do herbal teas offer remedies for some illnesses? Are there health benefits of tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant? If so what are they?

Is there any reason, beside the great taste why you should drink tea and herbal teas? The answer to these questions may change the way you think about what you and your family are consuming.The answers lie in the pages of this site.

  Many are curious and want to learn more

You have the opportunity to learn about these beverages here. This site can satisfy your curiosity about were tea comes from and why knowledge of herbal teas is important.

drink your way to health In the United States saying " I'd like a cup-of-tea" used to bring thoughts of black tea to mind. Most Americans who drink tea chose a black variety. Over time people have learned of other varieties of tea as well as the many herbal tea blends.You may be surprised to learn of the many other varieties available as well.

Increasingly those who do not want any caffeine in their diet are turning from traditional tea from the camillia sinensis plant to herbal teas.

Your thoughts on the use of bag tea will change as you learn about the difference between dust and leaves.

Possibly you are not into knowing the background of the leaf, but you think an afternoon tea party would be fun. We're ready to give you ideas for a party with some step by step examples.

"Hi, your-cup-of-tea!

Just a note to say thanks for assisting me with obtaining tea sacs. I love them. I thought I knew a little about tea until I found your website. After spending time on your website, I realize there is a whole lot to learn and TEA is a very big subject. Turns out I was correct, I knew "a little" about tea. I love your site and will return again and again and will tell my friends and family about your site. I am vegan and I'm excited to be able to learn about something that is so good for me that also supports my desire to help make the world a better place via my diet.

We would love to put a link to your website on our vegetarian website: http://www.not-just-recipes.com. Thanks for sharing so much valuable information. I look forward to reading your EZine."

~ Judy~ Dallas, PA

  Tea party ideas

Loose leaf has become a very "in" drink. Social gatherings and tea parties are centered on drinking it. Enjoying a nice cuppa while talking with a friend can be both soothing and relaxing. Afternoon teatime parties are gaining in popularity. We can help you plan parties that will have your guests want to be invited back. You will even find recipes to make your party a success.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the use of herbs by our ancestors and the discovery of tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis bush. You will also read about where tea ranks as a beverage.

  Health benefit of herbal teas for children

One of the most important things found on our site may be the information on tea and child health . Why is their health at risk. What can a parent do to give their kids a healthy start in life by offering herbal tea and tisanes. Remember you are what you eat (and drink).

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You Will Discover...
  • Why loose leaf is of superior quality and taste

  • Black-tea is not the only tea available to you today. There are countless varieties of tea and herbals for you to explore.
  • Learn what scientific studies are finding out about the health benefits of tea and herbal tea.
  • Get tips on tea party ideas for you to entertain your friends and family with ease.

  • Read about the best places to purchase loose leaf and accessories.

  • Find out why giving your children tea-or- tisanes to drink is so much better than soda .
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