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Above are just two headlines that you may see advertising Wu-Yi tea as a weight loss tool. Here are some others.

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What do we know about wu yi tea?

This tea gets it name from the area in which it is grown. The Wuyi Mountains are a mountain range on the northern border of the Fujian province in China. It is here that the Wuyi tea is grown.

In the 19th Century this tea bush was brought to Taiwan from Fujian China. Today Taiwan also produces this tea. Taiwan is famous for its loose oolong teas.

So that's a little background on the tea itself.

It's now the biggest thing in tea for weight loss. If we do a little investigating we find out that Wuyi tea is actually oolong tea. Here's another interesting tea fact, oolong tea is also called wu long tea.

What comes to mind

Oprah Winfrey of course, magazine articles and advertisements are proclaiming her secret to be Wu-Yi tea. I've even read that she adds mulling spices, and lemon and orange slices. Another celebrity to use wu long tea is Rachel Ray of the cooking channel. She is the cook that makes thirty minute meals and travels all over spending just $40.00 per day.

We love to copy famous people. We seem to want to know everything about them. If we think Wu-yi tea, wu long tea, wu yi tea or oolong tea is making them thin, we're going to rush out and buy it.

Oprah and Rachel no doubt follow a weight loss or weight control routine. Exercise and good nutrition are going to be part of their routine.. Yes, their practice will be to include wu yi tea or is it wu long or is it oolong tea?

Tea Starter Set

Those of you who have been reading this site know that I too, recommend drinking leaf teas and tisanes. Help with weight is one of many benefits you can expect.. They are only a help, not an end all, or all you have to do type of thing.

In the case of child obesity, I think it is especially important to start kids out right. Don't let them go there, offer kids rooibos tea when they are little. What you never had you won't miss, don't introduce kids to soda. Help them be active, offer them nutritional snacks.

It's called good marketing

A phrase like "I'm thinkin Arby's" or " GE brings good things to light" is a good marketing tool. People will remember those phrases. Using celebrity names to promote a product is a good marketing tool as well.

I agree that these teas can help us loose weight. I also know that it will not be the only thing we need to do. First of all if we loose weight without exercising we don't loose fat. In stead we sacrifice our muscle. Eating properly and exercising will help us to loose weight. Yes the super dieters tea can help. Green organic tea is also helpful to increase our metabolism.

Just remember nothing is a magic bullet most good things take some working at.

Will wu-yi or wu long be your cup of tea?

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