A timeline and sticking to it for our welcome neighbor tea party

Here's my timeline

Tea cup and flowers

Timeline for our party in about three weeks

The date and time of our welcome neighbor tea party was decided during the first brain storming session. That was Monday night, in the first week of May.

The guest list was decided at that time too. We made our list and the decision was made to invite our friends by phone.

Note: To be done right away with the first invitation to be extended to our new neighbor. (if she couldn't make our chosen date we would change it)

I would go within the next two days to visit our neighbor. If our date was good for her we would then start making calls to our friends. Splitting the list makes it easy on both of us. Plan to finish the calls by Wednesday or Thursday.

If we had more time we may have chosen to send out invitations.

The menu was also planned during our first brainstorming day.

To do by Thursday

Speaking of the menu, there are two things we plan to purchase instead of making them ourselves.
The fresh melon bowl would come from whole foods where you can watch as they cut up fruit. Much less work for us and we know it will be very fresh and natural.
We also decided to order small chocolate and nutella tarts from the local bakery. I have a time line for these orders to be placed by Thursday.

Note: Patty will pick the orders up on the morning of our welcome neighbor tea on the way to my house.

Karen is on my list of people to invite. I'll ask to borrow her lavender table runner and chair sashes when I talk to her.

Keep following the timeline on Friday

Prepare scone dough and freeze it.(to be baked the day of)
Bake a batch of wafer cookies and freeze them. (to be filled the day before )

Continue with our timeline on Monday

This will be my run around day

I'll stop at the craft store
Make all stops for tea gift basket supplies
Drop off my door wreath and ribbon at Jill's (she does calligraphy)
Pick up table runner from Karen
Stop at AAA office for maps - drop off at Patty's
Stop at municipal building for local maps
Call cleaning service to put me on their schedule for the Thursday before our tea party

While I'm doing these things Patty is working on the community information book

Week of-- Saturday is our party


Start bagging filtered ice as the freezer makes it- use my vacuum packer to keep it really fresh (continue to do this all week)


Work on the tea party gift basket

Thursday- we continue to keep to the all important timeline

Cleaning service will be coming
Grocery shopping


Prepare chicken salad and refrigerate
Open the buffet and polish the surface
Get out and wash all china, silverware, serving pieces, goblets for the blooming tea, etc.
Put table cloth and table runner on and the sashes on all the chairs
Put napkins and utensils at each seat
Place name holders at each seat
Cover the table with a clean white sheet
Place items I will need to use on the buffet then cover everything with a clean white sheet
Fill the cookies, plate these and cover with several layers of plastic wrap, then hide them-mostly from me (under the sheet will be a good place)
Set up the easle with corkboard and pin each guests picture on it (thankfully all the pictures of guests were dropped off earlier in the week)

Note: On my run around shopping day I decided that a cork board was the best option to display pictures. I own an easel and will set the cork board on it.

Day of our tea party, you can see keeping to a timeline has helped keep us focused

Shower- makeup- hair FIRST - I'm a hair stylist no appointment needed
Double check the entry way, the powder room and all other areas guests will wander into
Brew my peach rooibos tea and get it ready to refrigerate
Bake the scones
Pick enough Lilacs for the arrangements and put them in vases.(place them in the powder room, living room and on the buffet in the dinning room)
Put the fruit in a large bowl and cover and refrigerate
Patty and I will prepare the tea sandwiches and wrap well with plastic wrap and refrigerate to keep fresh
Plate the tarts
Set dishes of candy and some cookies in the living room (guests will probably congregate there until everyone has arrived)
Put at least three bowls with demerera sugar on the table with serving spoons
Honey should also be on the table
Jill is coming early, she will re hang the welcome neighbor wreath
Place a goblet at each table setting to be ready to make blooming tea
After scones are baked and cooled, wrap a few in plastic wrap
Finish the tea party gift basket by adding scones and community information booklet
Find the perfect place to display the gift basket

Down to the wire with our timeline

Fill grandma's crystal pitcher with ice, add peach rooibos tea and place it on the buffet
Uncover the cookies and tarts, and place them on the 3 tier holders
Garnish the top tier with a brunch of frozen grapes with the stem attached
Place Devon cream and Strawberry jam on small individual serving pieces
Put one at each table setting
Set at least three cream pitchers on the table
Lemon slices for those who like it in tea
Have filtered water in kettles heating

When guests arrive

Make introductions

Our welcome neighbor tea party is officially underway
When everyone is there brew the teas for the correct time and bring out the tea sandwiches
Enjoy our neighbors, enjoy the tea, enjoy the food
We followed our timeline to a job well done

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