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Here's one of my favorite unique and memorable wedding reception ideas. Hosting a tea party is becoming popular for wedding receptions. An afternoon tea party is not only unique, but has a touch of sophistication, elegance or even a touch of playfulness and humor, if you choose.

One benefit to hosting a tea party, is that it will work with any budget, and will not look as if you are skimping. Let’s face it, in this economic climate, you want to get the most for your money as well as impress your guests. One thing for sure, a tea party wedding reception is something that your guests will undoubtedly remember for years to come.

afternoon tea wedding receptionPlanning your tea party wedding reception should be fun. The following suggestions will give you plenty of opportunities to add either a touch of elegance, or creativity to your reception. The most important thing is that this wedding reception projects what the bride and groom want to say to celebrate this special day with their family and friends.

If you time your wedding reception to be in the afternoon, any time between the hours of noon and 4 pm, you can have an afternoon tea party wedding reception menu sure to impress and please any palate without your guests expecting a full meal. Schedule about 2 or 3 hours of time for your wedding reception. If you have a morning wedding, you may want to have afternoon tea from 1 pm to 3 pm. A noon wedding may suggest a tea be scheduled from 3 pm to 5 pm.

It is paying attention to the subtle details of your theme that will elevate the status of your afternoon tea party wedding reception to a special level of sophistication and elegance. I am sure our suggestions will help you accomplish that for your wedding reception.

Wedding reception ideas and a theme

Let’s start by identifying a theme for your reception. It may be a garden party, a winter wonderland, a Victorian tea or even an exotic theme. Plan the table decorations, linens, flowers and colors around that theme.

You may want to find the perfect romantic spot for this elegant affair. A historical home or estate, a romantic looking bed and breakfast or even the local arboretum are great venues to consider for an afternoon tea.

Wedding reception ideas and a menu

Now, let’s move on to planning the wedding reception menu. Afternoon tea sandwiches, sweet and savory petite scones, canapés or hors d'oeuvres are elegant finger foods that small, easy to handle and are mess-free. These are things to consider when planning the menu.

For the scones, you will want to serve Devonshire cream, lemon curd and assorted fruit jams. If you are going to serve savory scones, a cream cheese or infused butter that would compliment the flavor of the scone would be a nice touch.

Wedding reception ideas and attention to detail

Detail- Menu cards add a special touch to the afternoon tea. Menu cards could be in the color and theme of the wedding reception. Written in caligraphy will add a touch of elegance to you table. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Experiment with various colors and textures of papers to create the effect you want. Linen papers will suggest a different look and feel than ordinary card stock.

Hand made papers come in a variety of colors and will help you create a vintage or an outdoor theme. Have fun and get your bridesmaids together to sample a variety of tea blends and have some fun creating these menu cards.

If you will be using three tiered afternoon party tea servers on each table, menu cards can be placed on each level to inform guests of their choices. For example, place the menu cards behind each section of food. A larger menu card can be attached to the top of individual serving dishes to denote vegetarian choices, sweet and savory sandwich options, canapés etc. Dessert plates can be arranged with a menu card for each tier or place a larger menu card on the top layer decorated with flowers, lace and ribbons.

Detail- Make or order small petit fours, to sprinkle in between the other desserts on the three tiered serving trays. Have them decorated using the colors you have selected for your wedding. This will allow you to carry your theme all the way through the reception.

Cost saving idea- I attended an afternoon tea wedding reception of a dear friend that was extraordinary. I thought I would share this ingenious idea with you.

The bride and her mother decorated each table with three tiered party servers. Each server had the top and bottom layers displaying colorful petit fours and cookies in keeping with the wedding party colors. The middle tier held a plate of beautiful cup cakes, each decorated with flower that looked as if it was right from the bridal bouquet! It was absolutely beautiful.

This served as a dual purpose, dessert plate and a flower centerpiece. I am sure it is a considerable savings for any wedding reception.

These three tiered serving pieces strategically placed with the beautifully decorated cupcakes on your tables, can be eye catching and cost effective for your afternoon tea wedding reception.

How about a tea bar?

Of course you are going to be serving tea, but, you can make it interesting and fun by having a tea bar. Offering a variety of teas, some special blends and herbals can give your guests an opportunity to explore some new teas. Set up a steeping station for those that want to enjoy the traditional hot tea to chat and enjoy exchanging stories about the bride and groom while waiting for their tea to brew.

Try some of our ice tea recipes or T mocktials. Of course, you can serve champagne along with cups of tea, if you want to add an extra touch to your celebration.

Cost saving tip-Did you know that is would be more cost effective to have waiters or butlers walk around and serve food than to have it sit on a buffet table? It is also much more impressive. Your guests will less likely overindulge if served, than if they served themselves.

More wedding reception ideas… the favors

The bride and groom want to give the guests a memorable gift following the reception. A memorable and inexpensive gift that will last a lifetime in keeping with the afternoon tea party theme is possible. A small tea cup and saucer with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding is a perfect gift that will last a lifetime.

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