Victorian Tea Party
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victorian tea party dressVictorian tea party ideas: many people would like to know what the norm was in Victorian times. If you are hosting a tea party and would like to make it a Victorian theme we've got some ideas for you.

Hosting a Victorian tea is becoming more and more popular today. Hosting a Victorian tea party can be fun and exciting to plan. Some tea party ideas can be as elegant and formal to simple and casual. A Victorian party would make a great theme for a baby shower, bridal shower to a wedding or even a fantasy birthday party for a young girl.

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A Victorian tea party is about elegance and beauty. It is all about having a different and memorable experience. Hosting a Victorian tea can be accomplished on any budget. Before we start to plan, let me set the stage by explaining the history of Victorian tea party, so you can get a feel for what it was like in days gone by.

Afternoon tea become very fashionable in the early 1800’s in England. Then meals were served for breakfast and a very large and heavy meal was served late evening. There was nothing in between.

Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, one of Queen Victoria’s ladies in waiting, experienced what we today would call low blood sugar every afternoon. In order to get over this feeling, she began requesting afternoon tea and tiny light sandwiches and treats to hold her over until dinner was served. She soon began inviting friends over Belvoir castle to share in her afternoon ritual. Thus, afternoon tea and the Victorian tea party was born.

These tea parties evolved into tea dances where the young ladies were able to meet potential husbands. Afternoon tea became a ritual and an opportunity for the females to develop friendships and get to know each other and their neighbor. Victorian tea parties became a way to extend an open hand and one’s home in friendship. It is a tradition that lives on today.

vintage ladies glovesA Victorian tea party theme can be fun to plan. There are so many things you can create with this theme that are inexpensive or as elegant as you choose for it to be. You may even consider having everyone dress in Victorian era themed clothing!

Some tea party ideas that would be in keeping with the theme are choosing you favorite author of the era, such as Jane Austen and ask everyone to read the book and come as their favorite character. Or identify a favorite Victorian themed movie and plan a party around the party as a theme.

Invitations, in keeping with the era can be something as simple as a folded fan with an invitation attached for something different. Remember earlier I told you of tea dances.

Fans were used as a way of communicating with the opposite sex discreetly. A fan placed near the holder heart was a way of communicating to the male suitor that he had won her heart! Hiding her eyes behind a closed fan was a signal to the male suitor she was in love with him. A female fanning slowly meant I am married and a female fanning quickly meant I am single!

Another idea for invitations is to choose a font with calligraphy style to give an elegant feel to the invitation. Hand made invitations decorated with lace or paper doilies are in keeping with the Victorian theme.

Tea party food for a Victorian themed party can vary. If you are into a more traditional approach, then setting a buffet style table with coffee on one end and tea on the other end of the table is in keeping with the customs of the Victorian era. There is no need to have a center piece, unless you choose to have one. The food is the main attraction. A traditional Victorian tea would be finger sandwiches and an assortment of pastries and sweets that are petite in size.

For a more modern day approach, lots of flowers bring color and elegance to the tables. A modern day tea party food menu may include tapas, dim sum, mini tacos or taquitos or even sushi! Tea party sandwiches may include any sandwich cut into bite size pieces.

To serve the tea, the traditional Victorian tea would include silver tea servicelinen napkins, small plates, small spoons, tea cups (mismatched sets are not only fun but charming), lace tablecloths, silver trays and bowls for sugar cubes and tongs to remove the sugar from the bowl. Each place setting would have a finger bowl next to it to clean the hands after eating.

A modern day approach would allow for a more relaxed atmosphere and allow everyone to mingle. Ice tea may also be served as an option.

The important thing to remember, when hosting a tea party, especially a Victorian tea party , is to keep in the spirit of the past, open your hand and your heart to others in friendship.

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