Valentines Day ideas on a budget-yes it can be done

Here are Valentines day ideas for the guy on a budget.

Valentines Tea Party

Not everyone has a lot of what is called disposable income. How can you make your lady feel special with a Valentine tea on a budge?

What to do if you can't afford to have a dozen chocolate covered strawberries sent at a cost of $80.00. Keep in mind that for most women it is not always the amount of money that is spent or how much of something you give. The fact that you have planned something special will mean the most to her.

Go to a local candy store that offers chocolate strawberries and purchase two berries (not the giant kind-they are more expensive). Expect the cost to be around $3.00 each. Instead of a box of truffles again go to a candy shop that will sell individual pieces of truffles and purchase two to four chocolates. Pick up two petit fours at a good bakery and maybe a few Lady Lox.

What can we do with blooming tea

Buy a flowering tea or two, really one would be enough. You can buy them in individual pieces at some tea shops.Blooming Tea Call in your area to find the shops that sell them this way. Brew this tea in a clear tea pot and you have given her flowers that won't cost and arm and a leg. You will have the added benefit of drinking the delicate tea as well.

Also brew a rich Ceylon (Ceylon, a black tea pairs well with chocolate) loose leaf tea or one you know is her favorite.

Rent a movie and prepare to enjoy your small but elegant feast for a Valentine tea. Remember she will love that you planned something special just for the two of you to share.

Yes, even a guy on a budget can come up with good Valentine Day ideas.

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