Plan a Valentine tea party that will make her smile

I think a Valentine tea party is one of many great Valentines Day ideas.

Valentine Tea party

It can be the real deal or just elegant desserts after you've seen a romantic play or gone dancing together. If you're a guy who likes to take his lady out, you can have all the fixings ready and waiting for your return home.

A Valentine tea dessert couldn't be easier. You will only have to prepare the leaf tea so it is fresh when it is served. Unless your into cooking as some guys are, you won't have to make anything.

Tea party planning

Make a list of what you will need and have them ready and waiting for your return home. Valentine's Day brings thoughts of chocolate and roses and the color red. We need to put these things on or list.

Giant Chocolate covered strawberries will fit the bill here. You may be able to buy them at a local store. If not, the internet can come to the rescue. I suggest Sharri's Berries, ( where you will find something really special. Let's add truffles to our Valentine tea party. Sharri can help you here as well. Finish things off with petit fours or small heart shaped cheese cake.

Have these things arranged on a special platter just waiting for you and that special person to arrive.

Choose the perfect leaf tea

Choose the leaf tea you will prepare and have it premeasured. Golden Monkey, Assam or Ceylon are black teas that go well with chocolate Place the leaf tea with the other tea accessories you will need. It will make it easier if your China tea pot and delicate cups are already on a tray.

Tea and lemon

Do you know if your special someone likes tea and lemon together? Does she prefer honey or sugar crystals? Tea in cupHave all of these things prepared ahead. It's not cooking, it's just slicing a lemon and covering it with a protective wrap. If either of you will want to add cream to your tea it can be waiting in a cream pitcher in the refrigerator too

Don't forget flowers

Bring roses or other flowers she may love. If you prefer to have a florist deliver the flowers ask them to send them in a vase already arranged.

When you return from the evening out together put your tea kettle on to boil and start to brew the tea. While the tea is brewing get out your special Valentine desserts and present them to your special person. She will be surprised and delighted. Most women are used to making things special for other people. It's a nice surprise to have someone else do something very special and pamper us.

When the leaf tea is ready pour her a very delicious cup of tea. Enjoy being together with a simply elegant Valentine tea dessert.

What if your on a tight budget? Can you still plan a nice Valentine tea?

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