The Path of Tea -Houston TX

by Lorraine Clark
(Houston TX)

I have drank tea all my life and my favorite tea is black tea. I never knew growing up that tea had so many benefits. Last year I was invited to a wedding shower and it was held at The Path of Tea off of W.Alabama (in a very trendy area of the city) in Houston TX. It was one of the best showers that I ever attended. It was well put together and what made it especially nice: in this All organic tea shop, and as far as I know it is the only one in Texas, the owner went through several of the teas and told their stories and their health benefits. A real education in the teas. I loved it!!! Every week there is someone or something being featured at this shop.

I have a friend that has everything....and she likes green teas and likes to collect tea pots and cups which they have at the path. I got her the the cute little bags and gadgets that they have there....and she really loved it!

I love your sight! Keep up the good work!

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