Thai iced tea recipe revealed

Thai iced tea - Do you want the chef's recipe? Read this restaurant review to find a jewel.

Thai iced tea at Pru Thai

My search for an authentic Thai iced tea recipe has taken over a year. I was only able to find recipes that used a Thai tea powder mix. I wanted to be able to share with you the real thing. It turns out my husband knows someone who's parents own a Thai restaurant. It's called Pru Thai. We made a 120 mile round trip to Clinton New Jersey to try the iced tea. We wanted to taste the tea because the owner chef shared her thai iced tea recipe with us.

When we arrived the restaurant was packed. We expected to be served some fine food here. We were not disappointed. The menu had a good array of choices, including some vegetarian items.

We started with Vegetable spring roll, um um good. I ordered Pad Thai with chicken. Paul got adventurous and ordered Inferno Chicken. We also ordered the Iced Thai tea.

The portions were generous and delicious. Thai food is known for it's spiciness. I ordered the Pad Thai because it is not spicy. I loved the somewhat sweet sauce mixed in with the noodles, vegetables and chicken.

Paul's Inferno Chicken came to the table engulfed in flames.The other diners were quite impressed . A few asked him if he liked it before we left. Yes, he liked it and we want to go back.

I looked around at what other diners were being served and noticed all the dishes were beautifully presented. It's possible to bring you own bottle of wine here as well.What was the icing on the cake? The pricing is reasonable.


Tasting the the tea was worth the trip. I'm going to share the recipe with you here. A gift from Chef Donna Boonreung of Pru Thai restaurant

Thai Iced Tea

Serves 3-4


2-3 Star Anise

2 bags of black tea or use 3 teaspoons of loose leaf black tea

½ cup of Vanilla bean (1/3 cup if use Vanilla powder)

2 stick of cinnamon

6 Whole cloves

1 quart of water

2 teaspoons orange flower water

½ cup of sugar

Use cream, half & half, soy milk, or any finishing touch-agent of your preference (usually quarter cup per serving)

Bring all of the spices to boil with the water, roughly 5 minutes. Remove from heat and allow the tea mix to cool. Add orange flower water and sugar. Pour into glasses over ice and top with cream or half & half then it's ready to serve.

 Note: The loose tea and spices should be placed in a large tea ball, or sac. The tea ball should be removed after the 5 minute steeping time.

If you don't want to make your own tea visit Pru Thai and enjoy a delicious meal as well.

Pru Thai
6 East Main Street
Clinton, New Jersey 08809

Our thanks to Chef Donna Boonreung for sharing her recipe.


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