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I'm thinking that if I find a tea shop or cafe' that I like, you may want to know about it too. I've been to several shops but I definitely think it will be necessary to go back to visit places again. I want to give you fresh information. I'm thinking it may be helpful to my readers to know what's out there. Tea is hot in more ways than one. For many years coffee houses have been and still are popular.

More and more cafes devoted to tea are popping up. People today are learning that drinking loose leaf tea can benefit them. A lot has been written about the health benefits of green tea. Studies have been done that suggest green tea aids even serious problems like cancer. The FDA in the United States (Food and Drug Administration) does not back these studies feeling the studies are inconclusive. Many people though, are showing faith in the studies done in other countries. They are drinking more tea.

Now studies are suggesting it is not only green tea, but all teas that have health benefits.

I'm sure we can find a good number of tea shops in areas we will visit. I'll be writing about the differences or similarities of the places I find. I'll give you as much information as I can. I'm excited that I can do one of my favorite things and have it be helpful to you. I always say my favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations. I'm good at it too. Now when I do that I'll pass on what I learn. What I liked or didn't like and any new teas I've tried.

Wouldn't it be great if I could come home with a recipe?

I have imitated table settings and decorating styles from some tea cafes I've visited. This is a good source for ideas when I'm planning a tea party. A lot of tea shops sell items that are perfect for displaying your tea sandwiches on. I've seen really beautiful antique tea sets for sale in some tea cafes. There is a tea cafe in New York City that carries unusual tea cozies.

If you're wondering what a tea cozy is let me describe them. They are made of fabric, often quilted. They are made to fit over a tea pot. The purpose is to help keep your tea hot. Some servers will bring your tea pot to your table covered with a cozy.

To sum it all up, I hope to be giving you useful information and having fun while I'm doing it. It makes me think of the Geico gecko (car insurance advertising icon) He says "My job is saving you money. I love my job." Connie's job is visiting tea rooms to gather information for you. Connie loves her job.

Tea room Siam
Thai Iced Tea is served here, find out more.

Alice's Tea Cup
In New York City - want unique? try this tea shop.

Sisters Specialteas Cafe
While visiting Pittsbutgh

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