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Not long ago my husband Paul and I had what I call a tea day in New York City. We started the afternoon by attending a class recommended by the Specialty Tea Institute. We participated in a cupping of Taiwan Oolong teas. That was great, but more on that another time.

We left the cupping and were ready for a bite to eat. We jumped on the bus heading uptown toward West 73rd Street. There we found Alice's Tea Cup.

Now that is a great tea shop

When you enter you find yourself in the retail area. You can buy great scones and cakes to take home.

There must be a hundred different varieties of loose leaf tea in metal canisters. They are happy to prepare you a cup to go. After you try the tea you just have to buy some loose leaf to brew at home.

This area also has some whimsical toys, games and costumes with fairy wings for children. Great books can be found here too, I'm sure your not surprised that "Alice though the Looking Glass" is one of them.

Just a few years ago my daughter bought me a small tea pot from Alice's. I enjoyed seeing the other tea sets they have there as well. Needless to say they offer some tea sets on the Alice in Wonderland theme.

Moving further into the tea shop

We were greeted with scenes of the Alice in Wonderland story painted on the walls. The scenes brought back memories of reading the book as a child.

I don't often talk about rest rooms but you have to see this one. Here the queen of hearts is wagging her finger at Alice telling her that employees must wash their hands.

The doors to the kitchen even have a whimsical note with keyhole shaped windows.

Enough about atmosphere lets talk food

Paul and I ordered the "Mad Hatter". This was a three tiered display stand with plates of food on each tier. Naturally we had scones with the accompanying jam and devon cream. "Um Um Good"

The middle plate had an offering of tea sandwiches. Paul's favorite was the ham and gruyere, mine was the lapsong suchong smoked chicken. One plate was devoted to tea sized goodies. There was really too much food to try everything, so we were happy to have a little box of goodies to take home.Paul and I at Alice's Tea Cup Our take home goodies included Jean's 'not-yet-but-soon-to-be-famous' mocha chocolate chip cake.

Paul was looking forward to trying it for the first time the next day. Tasting the cake never took place, my granddaughter beat him to it. Stephanie was all smiles and Paul was all frowns.

From the long list of teas we could try Paul picked his favorite, Earl Grey. I decided to try Alice's a blend of Indian black tea with Japanese green tea and rose petals. It was a very nice light flavor; good enough to take some loose leaves home for future enjoyment. A good sized tea pot was brought to the table for each of us.

We certainly had everything we needed, but the wait staff checked in on us to make sure we were happy.

You would expect with a name like Alice's Tea Cup to find something geared to children only. Actually it's a comfortable place to spend with a friend over afternoon tea. Definitely somewhere you might take someone visiting from out of town wanting to see the sights of New York City. I can picture a very lady like birthday party for a little princess too.

My only negative thought about Alice's was the noise level. Of course, that just means that the tea shop visitors were enjoying the company they were with, the food and the fun atmosphere. We saw couples, ladies having tea together and families. One table with two moms and several children were looking very pleased to be there.

We both enjoyed our time there. Friends coming to New York often ask us for suggestions of things to see while they are in town. We're adding Alice's to the list.

Alice's Tea Shop is located at 102 West 73rd Street. New York, NY
Phone: (212) 799-3006
Cross Streets: Columbus & Amsterdam (closest to Columbus Avenue)
Closest Subway to Alice's Tea Shop: 1, 2, 3, 9, B, C at 72nd Street.
Pricing in line with New York City (not McDonalds-not the Ritz-somewhere in between)

Edited to add: June 08, We just purchased Black Fruits Loose Leaf Tea. Here is what we thought of it.

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