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The first tea vessels were made of “purple” clay from the YiXing region of China. They had a fine texture and thin walls. YiXing teapots were, and still are, used to brew tea today. These are actually very small and the pouring spout is also used as the drinking spout.

Because the YiXing tea pots were not glazed the pot absorbs the flavor of the tea being brewed. It is called being seasoned. Some people keep particular pots for each kind of tea they like to brew.

We also find many porcelain tea-pots in use today. These originated in Asia then spread to Europe. The Europeans came up with a different shape tea-pot. Both of these styles are still in use today.

You will find ceramic pots. Some really creative shapes and designs can be found.

I've seen tea pots shaped like cottages, animals, triangles, fruit, flowers and many other things.

Japanese tetsubin design cast iron vessels or the samurai teapot is still used today.

There is such a thing called a gravity tea pot. This is a clever invention. To make tea, simply deposit loose leaf tea into the tea maker and add hot water. You will need to steep or brew for the proper time.

Place the tea maker on top of a cup. This triggers the gravity-flow filter, pouring tea into the cup while keeping leaves in the tea maker. When your cup's filled to the brim, just lift the brewer and the flow stops. Mine will make two cups.

How about tea for one, these are really cute sets. A tea cup sits on a saucer. On top of the cup is perched a small tea pot. Everything can be carried together with one hand. The drawback here is the number one. The little teapot will only brew enough tea for one cup.

If you want another cup, it's back to the kitchen to brew another tiny pot.

A popular item today is the electric tea kettle. These come in a variety of sizes. Some of them are cordless. This allows you to carry the kettle anywhere you want to go with it. These heat water very quickly and actually have multiple uses. As well as pouring water over tea leaves, how about hot chocolate packets?

When having afternoon tea with friends, I love using the delicate porcelain teapot. Before leaving for work though I have a favorite gadget for tea. It's called a Zarafina tea potZarafina Tea Pot. It is electric and you can set it to brew any kind of tea properly.

Tell Zarafina you have added white tea leaves and she (I call it a she) will heat the water to the correct temperature. Then she will drop the leaf basket into the water and allow it to brew for the proper timing.

Zarafina is not done yet. After timing, the water releases into a ceramic tea pot. This is the best part. You know you will not have bitterness due to over brewing the delicate leaves.


We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Here's a web page that shows some special pots. http://www.teapottery.co.uk/ Take a look.

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