A Day in the Life of a Tea Plucker

Someone who picks tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant is called a tea plucker

tea plucker

Tea is a multi-million dollar industry; it is a hot commodity for those people out there who choose to partake in the tea leaf rather than the coffee bean, but have you ever considered at what expense?

If you could put yourselves in the shoes of a tea plucker for one day, what could you expect? If you have ever stopped to wonder what the life of a tea picker is like, here is a bit about a day in the life of a tea worker.

For a tea worker, a day is full of work. There is no time for relaxing or laziness, especially if you intend to make some extra money that day. As a tea picker you may have the chance to work with any of a number of people of all ages, depending on where you are doing the work. Men and women of all ages work plucking tea leaves, and some older children take on tea leaf plucking as a means of paid employment as well, because for the right worker there can be extra money made.

The best possible situation for the tea workers

Farms known as fair trade farms or estates offer the best woring conditions for those who work on them.

It is often thought that tea pluckers of the world all live on the fields where they work, but depending on where the tea harvest is taking place workers may live in housing that is supplied to them or they may live near the fields.

The work of a tea plucker is not easy but it can be said that there is a focus. Each worker has a goal for how many baskets they are to pick each day. For every basket over their goal that they pick, there is usually a bonus paid. Many people work hard to make their daily goal so that they can work towards a bonus for their extra baskets. This is a good way to supplement income.

When it is time to harvest tea, all the workers gather in the morning around the area where the harvesting is to take place.They usually arrive about twenty to thirty minutes before the shift is to begin. They use special baskets that they can carry on their backs, so that they can use both of their hands to pick but still be able to transport the leaves they pick back to the site to be inspected.

After a long day of work

When the baskets are full, they are returned to the original site where they are sorted through, counted, and weighed. All of the bad leaves are discarded and are not counted toward the overall count of leaves.

In most cases, tea plucking is not back breaking work. The tea leaves are normally kept at optimum height so that there is no extreme bending or crouching to be done and that keeps as much stress off the workers as possible.

Even for people used to extreme heat being in the hot sun all day would be difficult. Heat alone can make us very tired and even lethargic. I would also image that doing something so repetitive all day long can become boring, just as assembly line work is in many factories.

As you can see, the life of a tea plucker is certainly not easy. Hopefully, the next time you begin to prepare a nice hot pot of loose leaf tea, you might appreciate the labor that has gone into it.

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