Brew The Tea Leaf and Set The Stage For
An Autumn Afternoon Tea Party

The tea leaf and the fallen autumn leaf go together.
(Easily adapted to a Halloween or Thanksgiving tea parties)

There is not a better way to celebrate those brisk fall days than with an afternoon tea party. What a good way to commemorate the tea leaf. The season calls for a time of celebration and gratitude. It is a perfect time to host an autumn tea party.

Fall awakens our senses

Fall awakens many of our senses to the warm colors, comforting aromas and the crunching sound of fallen leaves beneath our feet. We can not forget the taste of the fall foods. All of these items offer themselves to making a very comforting and enjoyable afternoon tea party.

Menu suggestions

The fall season offers us a wonderful array of foods. Are you are having an after noon tea party this fall? Are you looking for party ideas? Consider this menu of tea sandwiches. Portabella mushrooms and mixed grilled vegetables, chicken finger sandwiches with sun dried tomatoes spread with herbed goat cheese and zucchini bread with cream cheese pineapple filling.

Add small apple tarts, pumpkin scones, oatmeal raisin cookies, spiced nuts and tea cakes. A little bit of fruit for color and good taste. Sliced oranges always brighten a tray, or do a fruit skewer with alternating fall pear chunks with Manchego or even Cheddar cheese. The final touch, maybe some chocolate covered cashews.

To this array add a hot spiced tea like a good black or green tea with chai spices. Remember to offer another tea for those who do not enjoy the spicy flavor of Chai. The tea leaf can be found in many different varieties. There will be some loose leaf tea to please any taste bud. Recommended teas for fall tea parties include caramel, chai, Earl Grey, robust Assam or Ceylon estate teas. These are just a few of the many options of tea flavors.

Decorate with natures bounty

To decorate, consider using gourds, pumpkins, cranberries, autumn leaves and candles in assorted fall colors and scents. Your options are only as limited as your imagination. Scatter fall leaves on the tables you will be using or over the buffet. Add some whole cranberries and even buckeyes.

Childhood memory: I remember as a young child walking home from school. A neighbor had a huge buckeye tree. Every child that walked past that house in the fall rooted around for fallen buckeyes. We would have them everywhere, just sitting around. I guess eventually our mothers threw them out because we always needed to find new ones come next fall. (I guess we finally have a real use for them.)


For those of you who have never seen a buckeye before these are buckeyes buckeye on fall leaves

Try this for a quick easy colorful center piece for your afternoon tea party. Use a clear bowl or vase and fill it half full with fresh cranberries. Add water to about 2/3 full and place floating votive candles on the water. You could opt for cranberry colored candles or use white. Set the bowl in the center of your table or on your buffet on a bed of fall leaves. Light the candles just as your guests are arriving. This idea works for both Halloween and Thanksgiving as well as an Autumn theme.

You could duplicate this idea in the powder room using a much smaller clear bowl or vase. This would extend the color theme in the house.

fall centerpiece For those of you with a little amateur floral experience here's another fall centerpiece idea. Purchase a basket shaped like a pumpkin or use a real or artificial pumpkin. Make an arrangement using fall leaves, Indian corn, acorns and other fall items. You will find some of these things in your yard and others can be purchased at craft stores. To make this a halloween tea party use one or two of these "9"" Jack O Lantern - Traditional" cut out pumpkin for a center piece.

Now you have the perfect setting to celebrate both the tea leaf and the fall season.

You and your friends can enjoy your cup of tea.

For more help with organizing and making a plan for your tea party go to these pages. Here you will find a step by step guide.

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This party can easily be adapted to a Halloween tea party. Try this prop below for a door or window decoration. I can also see this on a bathroom mirror.

Hanging Spider Prey