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Herbal Tea, Tea, Tisanes and Children
Compare to Soda and Sweetened Juices

Tea and herbal tea, is it an option we should choose?

Tisanes, are they good options too?

tea drink

Herbal tea and other beverages, let's compare.

When you're in the grocery store you may notice all the different sodas and sweetened fruit drinks for sale. There seem to be rows and rows of them.

Do you worry about obesity in our children and adults?

Do you think about diabetes becoming prevalent in our youth?

Do you question the use of artificial sweeteners?

Do you recognize the connection between soda that is sweetened artifically and the health of children?

Are there better options for your family

The purpose of this article is to introduce a healthier choice of beverages. If you are a parent, you may appreciate learning about something different for your children. Something that offers health benefits rather than health detriments. If you are an aunt, an uncle or a friend of children share this information with someone you care about.

  • It is a better alternative than soda

  • It is a natural product

  • It is available in organic loose leaf form tisane

  • It is a drink that satisfies your thirst

  • It is often served without sweeteners

  • You can enjoy drinking it both hot and cold

  • It comes in many different varieties

  • It is said to have many health benefits

  • It helps to hydrate our bodies as does water

  • Tisane and herbal tea similar beverages contains no caffeine

Isn't it time to be concerned about what your children are taking into their bodies.

Learning about this drink and how easily it is made will give parents another choice. I think a better choice. What do you think?

Teas-tisanes-herbals are all brewed by heating quality water and adding loose leaves. Allow the mixture to brew for a proper period of time. These beverages can be served either hot or iced

To sum it up I invite you to delve deeply through this site. Learn all the advantages of kicking the soda habit and dumping the overly sweetened juices. You will still have a delicious drink that offers health benefits for your children and for you.

Tea, tisane and herbal tea, it's a good thing.

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