Tea Party Games and Activities
for your St Patrick’s Day Tea Party

Tea party games for your little leprechauns

So you are hosting a St Paddy’s day party and inviting the kids along. This is a great theme and opportunity to teach something about Ireland and the Irish culture. Fun, even if you are not Irish.

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle because it has rolling hills of beautiful green grass. It also is the home of the legendary leprechauns that can lead you to a pot of gold. You may want to create some excitement before the party and tell the guests about the Leprechaun fairy watch from a field in Tipperary, Ireland. Here is the link for the children to check in and see of the can catch a peek of the feisty little creatures.

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Of course, Ireland is also known for growing potatoes. So let’s create a project that will be inexpensive and fun. How about making potato head leprechaun heads?

plastic eyes, pom-poms, pipe cleaners (or other materials for making a face)

Have the children create a face for their potato and glue it on.

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For older children, you can allow them to create the parts of the face out of a clay or dough that can be dried. Have them paint on details before gluing the pieces to the potato.

Have the children wear green clothing

Have a hunt for the four leaf clover, or “shamrocks”. Place a small four leaf clover in a special spot. The guest that finds it gets a prize.

Have a face painting activity and paint shamrocks or rainbows on their rosy cheeks.

An age appropriate activity is to color pictures of leprechauns, maps of Ireland, shamrocks or rainbows with the pot of gold at the end.

Cut out green shamrocks and use them for party or home decorations. Kids may also enjoy making a paper cut out picture of a rainbow with a pot of gold at one end (this is fun with lots of gold glitter), or making green leprechaun hats (complete with buckles) to wear.

Using a pin-the-tail-on-the donkey idea, have a game of pin the hat on the leprechaun.

The older children may enjoy watching Riverdance on video.

Making a blarney stone to take home, as a favor, is easy and an inexpensive activity as well. Tell the children the story of this very famous stone and its powerful ability to make a person a very eloquent and persuasive speaker just by kissing the stone. This stone is located high up in Blarney Castle.

Find smooth rocks or purchase some rocks at the local craft store. Purchase some plastic google eyes, sequins and glitter, sequins, plastic jewels, bits of yarn, pipe cleaners and glue etc. You will need green paint and newspaper. Paint the rocks prior to the party. When the paint is dry allow the children to decorate their “blarney stone” using the items you have available.

Another activity is to allow the children to decorate cupcakes or cookies. Provide them frosting, sprinkles and colored crystal sugar. They can take them home as party favors.

If you can't find the time to create your own tea party games for your St Paddy's Day party, click the picture above where you will find a large supply of games to puchase.

The best part of any party is spending time and enjoying time with friends.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day To You



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