Candlelight Tea for Two

Romantic Ideas for Valentines Day Involving Tea for Two

Tea for two mixes romance, food and two individuals that want to enjoy some togetherness. Hosting a tea party is one of the most romantic ideas for Valentines Day. It is important to remember that you don't have to have a special occasion to host a romantic meal for that person in your life. Doing something special, such as tea for two, keeps the romance in a relationship.

For you gentleman out there, wanting to find some romantic ideas, she will love a tea party for just the two of you. A tea party can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be. And it can fit every budget. To prepare for this special you will have to set the stage. For those with children, make sure you have plans for the kids to be away for a few hours. It is really important in today’s hectic world that you make it a time when the two of you can have some uninterrupted time.

For your candlelight tea, decide if you want to make this a surprise encounter. This will take some special planning ahead.

If you want to have a planned event, make your invitation special. A handwritten note placed in a special location it is sure to be seen or delivered in a special way, with a bouquet of flowers will set the tone for your romantic encounter. Perhaps, a chocolate or a flower on a pillow with a written note telling your special someone the time and the attire you would like them to wear to your tea party. Dressing up, for some, is fun.

Decorating for your romantic tea party can be very simple, yet elegant. A crisp white or red tablecloth, if available, makes a great presentation. A linen napkin, rolled and tied with a ribbon and placed across each plate is a simple and easy touch of color to the table.

Your centerpiece may be a variety of lit unscented white candles of variable heights. Sprinkled on the table, for color, are rose petals. Another idea for a centerpiece is to take a low serving bowl and fill it with water. Float tea lights and rose petals placed in the middle of the table. Make sure you dim the lights. The candle light will create a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere.

If this is a surprise tea party, consider setting candles or a path of rose petals to guide your partner to the room where you will be having your special romantic encounter.

Take time to choose the music ahead of time. Make sure you are prepared for your favorite music playing quietly in the background when your partner arrives. Make sure you have a camera available to capture these moments for a memory scrapbook to give as a gift to your partner in the near future. Many digital cameras have timing devices and all you need to add is a tripod so you can snap pictures of the two of you together. My camera even has a remote device, once you have the camera in range of you just press the remote and smile.

Be creative when planning the menu for your tea party. Tea party foods are easy and simple finger foods. Make sure you make things that your partner will enjoy. You may want to start your romantic tea with a bit of champagne or sparkling cider. Serve in special flutes for a dramatic start. Serve with chocolate covered strawberries or you may prefer Exotic Truffle Collection for a very romantic start. Want to get creative and try a T cocktail?

Serving scones, lemon curd and Devonshire cream is a good beginning to a memorable event. You can serve pre prepared quiche and a salad for very light appetizing meal. Preparing a tray of small tarts, cookies or petit fours ahead of time gives you an opportunity for more together time. Bake individual miniature red cakes in heart shaped pans for a special dessert. Make sure you have your partner’s favorite tea available to serve hot or iced, if they prefer.

Don’t limit your romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day. Get creative and have fun. Show the important person in your life how much they mean to you. Keep the romance alive and strong in your relationship and make time for tea for two often.

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