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A good cup of tea and a good book, what more could you ask for even if your studying? Our tea web site book floor has got you covered. Want to learn about tea history? Tea website has found it? Need tea party recipes? Fourth floor book store has got them. Something light and fun for kids? It's in there. A light mystery buff? No worries.

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For our little people

There are so many books that appeal to children. Little girls will love any of the tea party books we have listed here. But if your little one would like another subject simply type the subject into the search box to find it. Instill a love of reading from the very beginning of a childs life and they need never be bored. Allow a child to form pictures in their mind of what they are reading. Yes, TV and Movies entertain, but they do not allow us to create the picture in our own mind that reading does.

For our party planner

Looking for the perfect recipe or menu ideas for a tea party? If you want to feature recipes from an authentic tea room take a look at "America's Best". There are lots of titles to solve your problem. Don't stop at tea and crumpets expand your cook book collection to include ethnic specialties.

For our light mystery buff

Get comfortable with a cup of tea and a good mystery book. Then relax and enjoy following the clues. Laura Childs knows all the ingredients for a good mystery. She often adds a recipe for you to try. Reading her books makes me think of Agatha Christie. Who is your favorite author? Type a name into the search box and you will find books from that author.

For History and Education

Do you want to know the facts about tea? You will find the answers in the pages of the books you see here. James Norwood Pratt and Jane Pettigrew as well as other authors will give you an abundance of information to round out your tea education.

And by all means we highly recommend the Kindle as the best place to store your favorite books. Have your library with you all the time.

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