The tea shop by the sea

If you love visiting a tea shop and want to dip your toe in the ocean the same day, we found a place for you

The Country By The Sea Tea Room

How delightful when you find a tea shop that is also by the ocean. Country By The Sea is located in Avon By The Sea on the New Jersey coast line just one mile from the beach. The tea room has it own little section inside of a large antique and gift shop.
ladies having tea

It would be impossible to go just for the tea even though it was delightful. There is just so much to see that you must spend some time browsing through the many unique and different items. Things both many years old and some brand new a nice combination.

The tea shop is styled in country decor, no formality here. A relaxed atmosphere with something for the eye to ponder in every nook and cranny.

The tea room menu is not hugh, a plus for the indecisive and their selection of tea is nice but also not hugh. I ordered a Lady Grey tea.

While we were checking the menu our server brought us a small plate of crackers and fruit with cream cheese topped in a sauce of some sort. Paul and I both enjoyed this and of course, had to know what the sauce was. It turned out to be
praline mustard sauce with pecans that we were able to purchase.

I ordered the tea sandwich plate.Tea Sandwiches This being a country theme tea room as opposed to Victorian, the sandwiches were not plated on a tiered stand. It was, however, very attractively presented.

The sandwiches were accompanied by potato salad and a very different side salad of lettuce, sweet pickles, blueberries and strawberries. There were eight tea sandwiches in all consisting of egg salad, ham salad and other sandwich spreads of this type. A nice cucumber sandwich and a date nut loaf with a cream cheese spread. A watermelon slice and other fruits rounded out the plate.

I was surprised when our tea came I was presented with a tea bag. That was a bit unexpected in a tea room. teapot avon by the seaPaul however was presented with one of the newer teapots that had the leaves floating in the water. When steeping was finished he simply lifted the tea pot onto his cup and released the tea.

I have to admit that the Lady Grey was better than I expected having been brewed from a bag. I had never tried this tea before. It has a softer lemony taste as opposed to the big
splash of bergamot orange that hits you tongue when Earl Grey enters your mouth. My goal now will be to hunt down this Lady Grey in loose leaf form.

We enjoyed our visit at Country By The Sea. We found the staff to be friendly and attentive. I asked one of the shop owners if they had a specialty. She replied that their lemon tea cake is a big seller and of course, the tea sandwiches area a main attraction.

If afternoon tea is not your thing the menu also offers soup and other sandwiches. The deserts, home made, look wonderful. Paul and I shared an angle food cake with raspberry sauce, a nice ending to a very nice lunch.

As a final country touch our bill afternoon tea billwas written on decorative tablet paper.


Nice place, good food and nice pricing can be found just a mile from the Atlantic Ocean in Avon By The Sea, New Jersey. A tea shop worth visiting.

Country By The Sea
515 Sylvania Avenue
Avon By The Sea, New Jersey

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