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Tea room reviews what do we find at the T Salon

Tea Room Reviews

The new T Salon now located in Chelsea Market at 75 Ninth Avenue, New York City, NYteapot.

When my daughter suggested visiting the T Salon in New York City, I was expecting to find the quaint little tea shop I had visited in 2004. I had been in the city helping Lindsey plan her up coming wedding. We stopped at the T Salon for a cup of tea in the afternoon. I remember it being a bit of a hodge podge of eclectic style influenced by Asian pieces. It lent an air of comfort and peace.

I enjoyed a pot of Margaret's Hope 2nd flush Darjeeling tea with a scone. (I never miss the opportunity to have scones) Lindsey had a pot of Pu erh tea with the twenty layer crepe and cream cake. (seems an odd combination but Lindsey is an independent spirit) We both enjoyed our selections.

After having our tea we ventured up stairs to the area where the loose leaf tea was sold. The wall was lined with large tea canisters that looked to be ages old. So many loose leaf teas to choose from, so little time. Tea accessories and other items of interest could be found there as well. I remember the room feeling crowded with things to see everywhere.

Tea room reviews back to the future

Imagine my surprise this past June of 08 to find the T Salon was in a different place. They have moved to The Chelsea Market. The difference in the tea setting is like day and night. Shop owner Miriam Novalle, has left the quaint eclectic behind and entered into the 21st century with a sleek modern new look. The floors and ceilings are made of bamboo and specially designed lighting is made of recycled tea bags.

Is it easy being green

The T Salon is committed to environmental issues. You will find everything used there is
environmentally friendly down to the knives and forks. I'm sure you've already guessed that they offer a selection of organic food. One of the house specialties is tea infused foods. For the person concerned with the health benefits of tea, foods that been infused with tea give added benefit.

Real food

I sampled three different salads marinated in tea. I'll just talk about one but all three were quite good. I was served a mixture of eggplant, watermelon and goat cheese with chives. If you're thinking, as I was, that watermelon and cheese don't sound like a match, I suggest you take the plunge and try this. You will be pleasantly surprised. My hat is off to their chef.

Miriam offers loose tea leaves galore

We wanted to purchase leaf tea. The staff was very helpful and I was offered a cup of loose_tea_leavesiced tea to sample.. Behind the counter there is a very unique looking round container. It has spouts all around it. It seems that a different iced tea is behind each spout. I tried a leaf tea called Silence, a blend of red rooibos and roses as well as other things.. Yes it was very good and I purchased some. I also took with me a blended black tea from Ceylon with peach apricot notes. In the summer months I turn to the iced teas and it always pleases me to purchase teas that won't need sweetened.

The envelope please

The jury is still out for me as to the decor. I don't feel that same sense of coziness that the old location offered. It didn't occur to me to order afternoon tea which I associate with hominess and warmth. (they do offer afternoon tea here however)

The openness and wide isles definitely lend a pleasant atmosphere for browsing the retail section of the store. You'll find tea accessories and tea gifts here as well.

It appears that Miriam Novalle, a savvy business woman, sees the tea industry going in a new direction. Will Miriam turn out to be the Howard Schultz of tea? I suggest you take the time to check out the T Salon, see the new look and the feel of the atmosphere there. Now it's time for you to decide.

Do your own tea room review by visiting the T Salon in Chelsea, NYC.

T Salon
75 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10011

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