Tea Party Ideas for a Mysterious Halloween

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pumpkin decorations for tea party ideasTea party ideas for Halloween conjure up all sorts of fun ideas. How about hosting a mystery tea party? The entire party is full of tea games full of mystery, intrigue and who dun nit?

It is a great way to get friends together for a memorable time that they will talk about for years to come.

Hosting a tea party, especially a mystery party starts with the planning how many individuals you are inviting and where you will be having the tea party. It really is important, because each guest, as well as the host, will play a character in the mystery. This is one party that a lot of guests can mean a lot of fun. Don't worry you won't be in this alone. You will get the help here to make your party a breese.

The tea party invitations are important as you will want to identify a theme. The invitations should go out 6 weeks before the event if your party is a period party to allow guests time to find costumes.

It is important to give each guest an identity they will play that night along with a brief description of their character.

The key to success here is to have friends that will play their parts uninhibited and enthusiastically. So when identifying characters that have a bigger role, know which friends will have the “bigger personality” to carry off the role and give the less significant roles to your more shy friends.

If you want everyone to dress in costumes as their character, for the tea party, please make sure you include that in your invitation, too.

A mystery party has many characters, so to create excitement and anticipation for your party send your guests the list of characters “The Suspects” and the scenario included in your invitation. Make sure you have the RSVP date and telephone number included. If someone is not able to attend, you will want to replace their character.

Now let’s plan the decor. Decorating for the party will depend on your theme and color scheme. You will have to make name tags up for each guest with their characters name on it. This is how everyone will identify each other throughout the evening.

Make matching place cards if you are going to be serving “high tea”. This is the type of party that can be a sit down for a small group or afternoon tea with guests doing lots of mingling discovering clues. That is the beauty of this type of tea party.

I like to be dramatic and have tablecloths and candelabras on each table.


Tea party ideas and decorating tips you may want to consider

Put tea lights strategically placed around the room. To add a shimmering effect, cover cardboard with aluminum foil and place several tea lights on top of it. This will give the room a warm glow.

If you want to create an eerie atmosphere, place a vase of dead flowers as a centerpiece. I am sure you can get dead flowers at the florists for free if you just ask. You may even have the vase sitting in fog. 1000 watt fogger Other sizes are available as well.

Cover the furniture with sheets, as if the house is now abandoned and unused, if that fits in with your theme

Consider making a sign welcoming the guests that says “Welcome to Mystery Manor”.

I prefer to have the tea sandwiches, petite scones and miniature desserts on different tables around the room, so it forces my guests to mingle while they seek information and clues.

Don’t forget to play music in keeping with your theme in the background.

Tea party ideas and guests arriving…

Have each guests clues prepared and on a table near the entrance so they can collect their page and their name tag as they arrive.

After everyone has arrived, read The Rules or “the scenario” of the evening to everyone.

Have each suspect introduce themselves to the group by saying their character’s name and a few words about themselves from their description.

Make sure that everyone has read the “The Suspects” pages. If they have not done so, give them a few minutes to read them quickly.

Then ask your guests to meet and mingle and find out information. Make sure everyone tells the one another they meet about their clues and that everyone participates.

Encourage everyone to ask a question or two. Once a guest discovers a clue they think may be important, they can also pass that on to the other guests they meet.

If you are going to have prizes, you should plan on introducing the prizes at the beginning of your party. You may want to give prizes for bets costume, most creative costume, or for the person that correctly answers how and who and why the person in your mystery committed the crime. There is always the possibility that more than one person will figure out the mystery, so you may want to have a prize that can be divided or have more than one prize available.

I prefer to give everyone a nice party favor in keeping with my theme to send home with my guests.

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