A Tea Party During the Christmas Holiday

A Christmas Afternoon Tea Party
Could Become a Treasured Yearly Tradition

Christmas Tea PartyWhy not host a Christmas afternoon tea party this holiday season. It is a great way to create your own family Christmas traditions. Or maybe you are looking for stress free Christmas party ideas? Look no further. Hosting a tea for the holidays can be stress free and fun. Everyone is busy at this time of year, and having a Christmas themed afternoon tea is a great way to get friends together, relax and enjoy an afternoon of sharing.

Make sure you make your guests aware of any special activities, such as gift wrapping or decorating a tree.

Is there a better time of year than Christmas? What better way to spread holiday cheer than to host a Christmas afternoon tea. The Christmas holiday season is a time to celebrate and renew friendships, show our appreciation for loved ones and those individuals who have enriched and shared in our lives.

Remember too to share this time with those who don't have family near by. Often people find themselves depressed because they have no activity in their lives. Including them in you holiday activities will be so appreciated and will go along way to brighten an otherwise gloomy day.

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Invitations are an important part to any party. Decide the theme of your party and send an invitation that matches your theme. Since it is the holiday season, it is important that the party invitations are sent so that there is plenty of time for your guests to set the date aside. Create your own invitations with handmade cards or a special Christmas ornament. Make a card and include a tea and some mountain rose herbs and spices and a recipe to create excitement and anticipation. For a stress free afternoon party, a festive holiday email is acceptable.

Party decorations

Teas have long been a tradition born out of a need to cultivate friendships. Hosting a Christmas tea party is the perfect party to capture the spirit of the holiday season. Most of us love to decorate for the holidays and a tea is a great excuse to pull out the special Christmas china, light the room with festive candles, and brew some hot spiced tea. Preparing for a Christmas tea requires little extra work as most of us decorate and bake in preparation for the holidays anyway.

Twinkling lights, shimmering ornaments and the scent of pine needles and spiced tea will treat the senses. Holiday music creates an atmosphere of anticipation and brings back fond memories of other Christmases.

A traditional Christmas theme may include simple decorations such as popcorn and cranberries on strings. A bowl of oranges pierced with cloves make a beautiful centerpiece. Lit candles surrounded by holly or pine cones are inexpensive ways to create the perfect holiday atmosphere.

Or you may want to decorate with holiday flare. Feel free to use metallic reds and greens, gold or silver accents, poinsettia placed in strategic places, and wreaths with candles for centerpieces. Consider trimming a tree with tea cups for a fun and memorable accent to the room.

You will want to give thought to a special tea party menu. Afternoon teas are usually light fare, and high tea can be as involved as several courses. Plan your menu so that it is theme appropriate. Don�t forget to include your favorite holiday recipes. Tea sandwiches cut into the shape of a star or made to look like a wrapped present is a fun and unique way to serve your guests.

Tea Party food

The menu might include a variety of hot teas, as well as hot chocolate and mulled cider. Remember, your afternoon tea will only last a few hours, so keep it simple. Prepare as much as possible in advance so that you can spend the afternoon with friends. Or take advantage of internet shopping to purchase some of the foods and deserts you want to serve. Christmas is one of the busiest and favorite times of the year, for many. Prepare scones ahead of time, they freeze well. Special recipes have color candied fruit that would be perfect with holiday colors.

This holiday season in 2011 I found something at Starbucks to add color and taste to my tea party buffet. For a limited time they are selling a cake pop mix. Those of you who visit Starbucks will be familiar with their cake pops. For this holiday season they are offering a pepermint brownie pop. I've tasted them and for me they are a winner. I was delited to see they are offering a mix so I can make them myself this year.

Taking time out from the hustle and bustle is an opportunity to relax, enjoy friends, and remember all the reasons that makes holiday time so special. Hosting an afternoon Christmas tea is the perfect way to do just that. BTW here are more Christmas party ideas

Here�s a great T cocktail you may want to serve!

Hot Mojito Tea

4 cup boiling water
8 tbsp. lightly packed rinsed fresh mint leaves
8 tsp. firmly packed brown sugar
Favorite loose leaf tea (English Breakfast, earl Grey, or other black tea)
1 c. rum (dark or light)
4 tbsp lime juice

Rinse a small teapot with hot water, then drain. Add mint leaves, brown sugar, tea and 1 c. boiling water. Cover and let steep for 2 minutes, add rum and lime juice. Pour mojito tea through a fine strainer into warmed heat proof martini or wine glasses. (Warm glasses by filling with hot water, then drain) Garnish each glass with a mint sprig and a lime slice. Makes 4 servings.

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