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Get things done the day before, relax tomorrow

Flowers and tea cups

We want to enjoy our parties as much as our guests will. Doing as much as possible the day before will allow for a more relaxed day of. Accomplishing this will be easier with a list in hand.

The house or venue should smell fresh, look clean and be all dressed up. The actual cleaning project may be done by you or a cleaning service. After that job is done check it off the list and move on to the next thing.

Decorating the day before or even sooner will give you that sense of excitement and anticipation. An added plus is less to do the day of the tea party.

It is inviting to have a wreath on the entrance door. It may already be there if you put something out each season. It's a nice touch, but not a must do. Things can be as simple or as elaborate as you are comfortable with.

Think about using special chair covers or just tie a sash around each chair. Doing this the day before will again give you less to do the day of. You will begin to feel it is all coming to gether.

Get out special dishes, trays and tea pots. Make sure all serving utensils are where they need to be. You definitely don't want to be looking for things needed on the day of the party.

Getting the table cloths or covers out and even on the tables is helpful. Napkins can be folded in whatever special way chosen for this particular tea party.

Tea parties day before list continues

In fact completely setting the table will save a lot of busy work on the day of the party. It's a good idea to cover everything with a large sheet to keep things clean and in their right spots. This also works if a buffet has been planned.

If candles are being used to add softness and color set them up where they will be used along with matches for lighting them. (If children and or animals live in the house maybe a safer place for the matches will be in a high cupboard. Just remember where they are.)

More useful tips

My daughter works in New York City, she stops in Manhattan to buy flowers on the way home from work. They will arrange a lovely bouquet and place a band around the whole thing. When Lindsey gets home all there is to do is place water in the vase she's using. Finding a florist that does this in your area will be helpful.

Many grocery stores have nice flower departments. If you have a knack for arranging buy some flowers there and let you creativity shine. If you are lucky enough to have a flower garden, show off your green thumb. Pick them and arrange your own flowers.

The whole appearance of a room becomes so cheerful and colorful when flowers are added. Your guests will remember special things that they saw and tasted at the tea party.


Note: I like to add a small arrangement of flowers and candles to the powder room. What a special welcoming touch. Hand cream is something else guests will appreciate in the powder room.


Some hostesses prefer to assemble tea sandwich fillings on the day before the party. Some will even assemble the sandwiches, never trusting that the sandwiches will not become soggy, I never do this. Some fillings though, can be prepared the day before. This will depend on your choice of menu.

After you have hosted a few parties you will see how tea parties day before lists make your life easier with tea party planning.

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