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  • Editors Note
  • A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Fun for Kids!
  • Tea Party Activity
  • Reviewing the basics – Water quality affects the quality of your tea
  • Featured Tea

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  • Tea Note Speaker - November 2009 Issue

    Editors Note
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    A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Fun for Kids!

    Tea parties are always a fun way to get together, but a Mad Hatter’s tea party is a different kind of fun. What a teriffic way to create something different and fun for the kids. Nonsensical and silly are the goals of this party. All the tea etiquette rules and sophistication of a traditional tea party go out the window, or should I say go through the looking glass? If you remember, in Alice in Wonderland, the March Hare (rabbit) meets with Alice as he is running late for a tea party. The beginning of Chapter 7 in the story, Alice finds herself at a very long table, set for many for tea. Everyone is crowded at one end of this table. This, of course, is the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Read more… here.

    Tea Party Activity Fun For Kids

    You can have children play all the usual games at a nonsensical tea party like musical chairs or pin the tail on, but here's one that can allow them to be creative. Depending on the age group the kids may need your help. Children just a little older can help each other. Remember to monitor the use of siccors and tape closely. Give this craft a look see here .

    Water Quality Affects The Taste Of Your Tea

    Do we need good water quality for brewing loose leaf tea, tisanes and herbal teas? If we do, how can we be sure we have the best quality? Find the answer here . Make no mistake about it this is important stuff.

    Featured Tea

    This is the time of year that our thoughts start to let go of summer flowers and take in the smells of the autumn air. We begin to crave the spices of the season and we try to find teas and tisanes with the flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon and other fall flavors. To start on that journey visit here. You may be puzzled at first but read to the bottom of the page. That is where we have provided the key to finding delidious autumn tea flavors.

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