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  • Mother's Day is around the corner if your mom is a loose leaf tea lover here is the perfect gift for her. Conveniently carry your own loose leaf tea to those places that do not offer the best in tea. Just ask for boiling or heated water depending on the type of tea you carry. $24.95 plus shipping order two or more sent to the same address and shipping is Free tea_wallet

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  • Tea Note Speaker - May 2010 Issue

    Editors Note
    From the Editors Desk

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    Hot New Trend

    Afternoon tea party wedding receptions

    I was not surprised to find so many young couples are turning to afternoon tea party wedding receptions. It is a great way to celebrate, be elegant and not spend a fortune. A tea party will suit any budget, and in this economic climate, we need to do as much as we can with the dollar.

    The best part is it will not look as if you skimped at all. Planning the wedding reception should be fun for the bride. This is the day every one will gather to celebrate the couples marriage. It is a day for them to remember. So let’s make it memorable.

    I have found some very important cost saving tips that I want to share with you as well as a few tips that will make your afternoon tea wedding reception a memorable one. Check them out here.


    Spring is Here!

    Yes, and for many that means getting rid of pesky dandelions in the yard. Before you do that you may want to read this.  Did you know that this pesky little weed is actually a nutritional powerhouse? Well, it is. In fact it has many health benefits as well.

    So when spring time is here, for me it means, time to get out and collect those beautiful yellow powerhouses for tea. There are plenty around and my neighbors and friends are all so generous to share with me. I always have plenty for the winter.

    If you would like to learn more on dandelion tea, click here



    Have You Become a Tea Snob?

    I have to admit it, I have. I hate to go into a restaurant and order tea and they bring me a hot cup of water and a tea bag. I am spoiled. I admit it. Loose leaf tea tastes different and I enjoy it. I also drink it for the health benefits. 

    I have found a solution to my tea snobbery. I now have a tea wallet. In fact I have 2. One tea wallet is for in my office, and, one, for in my purse. I now can go into any restaurant and order just hot water and make my own tea.

    If you find that you are a tea snob, or know someone that is, you may want to learn more about the tea wallet.


    Have Your Say Or Even Your Own Web Page

    This is your opportunity to tell us what you need, share a fantastic tea party you hosted, describe your absolute best tea house experience. Let others know where to stop in their travels for the best tea.

    If you are an herbalist or grow herbs share your knowledge. Our readers are really interested in what you have to share.

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