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    Editors Note
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    Tea and Skin Care

    Summer is here and it is time to think about taking care of our skin. Who would ever think that tea is also good for your skin. Today I am going to introduce rooibus tea and the benefits it has for the skin. Rooibus tea is a natural and pure tea that has no chemicals, added colors or preservatives.

    Rooibos tea contains alpha hydroxy acid and zinc that promotes healthy and smooth skin. Rooibus is especially useful when applied to skin. It has been used to alleviate skin irritations such as itchy skin, eczema, sunburns, diaper rash and acne. If you experience a sun burn this summer, make some rooibus tea and let it get to room temperature or keep it in the refrigerator. With a cloth soaked in rooibus tea, gently allow the tea to soothe and calm the sunburn. You will be surprised at the results!

    Try putting your used rooibos tea in the refrigerator or freezer in small bags. When you come home from a hard day's work, take the cold rooibus out of the bag and place on tired or red eyes to soothe and relax.

    Summer Time Means Enjoying Iced Tea

    There is nothing more refreshing to me than a glass of iced tea. It not only is refreshing, drinking iced tea has multiple health benefits that we enjoy. I have some great iced tea recipes to share with you, I think you will enjoy them. For more information read this article.

    Featured Loose Leaf Tea

    Rooibus tea

     Rooibus tea is a tea growing in popularity. It is a flavorful tea that is totally caffeine free and has a very low tannin level (the stuff that makes your mouth pucker). There are many health benefits from drinking rooibus. It is even a safe beverage for babies. To learn more about this tasty tea don't miss this article.

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