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    Editors Note
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    A Christmas Afternoon Tea Party for Stress Free Holiday Entertaining

    Having an afternoon Christmas tea party can become one of your favorite stress free Christmas party ideas. Really! The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year, but it also a time to enjoy friends and show our gratitude for those individuals that mean so much to us.

    There is no better time than during the holiday season. For stress free entertaining, do as much ahead of time as you can. Or order delicious tid bits and treats on line to make entertaining even easier. .The best part about hosting a tea party during the holidays is that you most likely have the house decorated.

    Many of us enjoy having a reason to show off and use our Christmas dishes. For an inexpensive yet beautiful centerpiece for you table buy the very small poinsetta plants. Group them in the center and surround them with tea candles.

    Purchase or bake your favorite fruit cake and slice thin spread with cream cheese pineapple filling and serve as one of your tea sandwiches. Small pumpkin tarts and traditional cookies are always a hit around the holidays. Don't forget to add something chocolate like decadent truffles or dried apricots dipped in chocolate.

    To your traditional teas like Darjeeling and Earl Grey andd a Spiced Apple Chi in keeping with the spices of the season.

    For a lovely party favor send your guest home with a tea cup ornament. They will remember the afternoon spent with you when they hang it on their Christmas tree.

    Remember to do first things first on the day of your party. I always make myself ready to receive guests from my hair to my shoes before I do anything else.

    For more Christmas tea party ideas visit our web site to read this article

    Gifts For Tea Lovers

    A recent question from a reader about what to give a tea drinker prompted me to write this article. I decided to write about some things I would love to receive because I’m a tea lover.

    Remembering that one year my daughter and her husband gave us fruit of the month club, I immediately thought of a tea of the month club. Just as we got to try new fruits each month that was the best of the best a tea lover will appreciate the opportunity to try new types and flavors. Someone new to tea will also enjoy the chance to experiment and learn about all types of tea.

    Our recommended source for this product:
    Adagio Teas

    Loose being my choice, I am always disappointed when I go to a restaurant that does not offer a variety of leaf teas. So I would love to receive a tea wallet especially designed for loose leaf teas. I could keep it in my purse or briefcase and have tea available when I’m out. This causes me to be very excited about the next paragraph.

    Your Cup of Tea has received a small shipment of tea wallets that we are able to offer to you. tea_walletwalletDoes your hair stylist love loose leaf tea? How about your childs teacher or other family members. Are you in a grab bag this year? Do you need stocking stuffers? Are you looking for party favors?

    Our recommended source for this product:
    Your cup of tea Click the link to the left.

    I have always enjoyed reading a good book. Sometimes I want a serious book and other times I’m looking for a casual easy read. I’ve found a series of tea mysteries that just make me want to curl up by a fire and sip a cup of Earl Grey while I try to unravel the latest mystery written by Laua Childs. For serious tea knowledge Jane Pettigrew or James Norwood Pratt will get my attention.

    Our recommended source:
    Visit here

    If your tea lover is a collector don’t over look e-Bay. You may find a beautiful unique piece in perfect condition. You may also want to check out our tea collectibles store.


    Featured Herb Hibiscus Tea for Lowering Blood Pressure?

    Drinking Hibiscus Tea Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally. Hibiscus tea has long been known to have many health benefits.

    This beautiful flowering tree grows in warm and tropical climates.Although I bought one of these plants for my garden 22 stories up in a high rise this summer. I have now brought it inside and hope it will survive the New Jersey winter and live to beautify my balcony another year.

    Hibiscus i s used in many cultures for its antibiotic, antifungal and diuretic effect. Modern science is now validating the folklore and purported health benefits as having merit.

    In the journal of Ethnopharmacology published in 1999, a study of individuals drinking hibiscus tea significantly reduced blood pressure for those with moderate hypertension.

    In the medical journal, Phytomedicine, the results of a 2004 clinical trial was published. This clinical trial studied the effects of a Hibiscus tea, from the Hibicus sabdariffa plant, to the potent blood pressure medication captopril on patients with mild high blood pressure. The participants in this clinical study were given either the hibiscus tea or captopril daily for a 4 week period.

    The results were surprising. Drinking hibiscus tea was as effective as the medication, captopril, in reducing blood pressure in the participants.

    Our recommended source for this product:
    Adagio Teas

    For more information on Hibiscus tea visit our site Read more…


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