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Are you looking for a collectors niche, the tea leaf reading cup may interest you

Have you recently become infected with the “collecting itch?” Are you looking for a tea leaf readingspecialty or niche that will set your collection apart from others? Consider collecting teacups that are designed for reading tea leaves. Yes, it’s true. Special cups are manufactured for reading tea leaves. Tea leaf reading, also called tasseography by serious practitioners, has started independently in almost every country or area in which loose leaf teas are routinely consumed.

How to read tea leaves

Many practitioners, or diviners, use plain white or very light-colored teacups. They use their imaginations conjure up revealing patterns in the tea leaves, and then interpret their meaning in accordance with time-honored practices. Other diviners, however, use the specially designed teacups exclusively.

Some of these teacups are created in ceramics, but many are made in fine bone china. Most are made by English and Asian manufacturers. Some manufacturers have created divining sets which include a teacup, a saucer, a matching teapot, and most importantly, a book of instructions on how to read tea leaves.

Identifying Teacups for Reading Tea Leaves

These cups are easy to identify. They are printed with symbols from the Chinese or Western zodiac, or with other obscure tasseographic symbols. These symbols are printed on the inside, the outside, or both sides of the teacup and on the top side of the saucer. Symbols may also, but not necessarily, be printed on a teapot if included.

A Google search for keywords like: Cup of Knowledge, Divination Teacup, Cup of Fortune, Fortune Telling Teacups, Tasseography Set, Tasseography Accessories, will help. This search should return a number of sources that buy, sell, or swap these cups, or that refer you to sources that do.

Most of these websites display excellent pictures of the pieces, making it easy for you to determine which patterns you prefer. By capturing screen shots from these sites, it is possible to assemble a complete photo collection of the tea leaf reading cups or sets that you wish to add to your collection.

Buying Your Tea Leaf Reading Teacups

find tea leaf reading cupEbay and Craig’s List are excellent shopping sources. Gift shops, yard sales, and flea markets are more of a hit-or-miss affair, but are fun to attend. They offer the possibility of a finding a genuine bargain. A nice collection of these teacups can be acquired at little cost. You may be surprised, however, to find that some of the fine bone china cups are quite old. Cups of English manufacture are available from at least 1904. Cups of Asian manufacturer can be much older.

So, scratch that collecting itch, and begin the hunt. When you are successful, and bring home that special teacup or tea set, don’t simply put it on the shelf. Clean it, select your favorite loose leaf tea, and brew a cupful.

If there is time, while the tea is being prepared, check out the instruction booklet. Then read the tea leaves to reveal your future. Remember, reading tea leaves is a tea game. locate tea leaf reading cup The future is always favorable.

For other places to find treasure, check out the area garage sales and flea markets.



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