Tea Gift Baskets For Tea Lovers You Know

Why Create Your Own Tea Gift Baskets For The
True Loose Tea Lover Tea?

tea gift basketsTea gift baskets would be a welcome gift for many tea lovers. This is a great idea and something you could purchase or create yourself. I would want to make this gift myself because I have never found a company that offers loose leaf tea in the basket. If you don’t mind giving baskets with tea bags many companies make these.

Some items to fill tea gift baskets

You will need a basket big enough to hold the items you choose. Some type of filler to put in the bottom of the basket, cellophane paper to wrap the gift, scissors, skewers or popsicle sticks, wire and scotch tape. I make good use of the paper shredder in my house. All those offers of credit cards with applications that have my name on them end up in the shredder. I found this makes good filler for tea gift baskets.

I first line the basket with cellophane or tissue paper. After I have placed the shredded paper into the basket and pressed it down securely, I cover it with a piece of cellophane so the paper doesn’t end up spilling out when the gift is opened. Tuck the cellophane down along the sides of the basket. You could also lay a cloth napkin or a tea towel over the cellophane.

Then I start positioning the items in the basket. Some items like the taller or heavier pieces may need support because they are not really down in the basket but sitting on top of the filler. In that case use the sticks or skewers. Tape them securely to the back of the item and push the sticks down through the paper. The taller items should be toward the back of the basket. I work my way around and toward the front with the right sized pieces. I want the gift to show off, for instance, you would want a collectible tea cup to be front and center. Pay attention to the balance. Tuck smaller things here and there for little surprises and decorate with seasonal ornaments.

If this is a Christmas basket small tea cup ornaments would be nice. For Thanksgiving small pumpkins or gourds would work. For Hanukkah a small dried le or special decorated cookies would make the basket special. For just because frosted tea cup cookies can adorn.

tea_gift_basketsWhen you are satisfied with the look and balance of the gift baskets, it is time to wrap them securely. Cut a piece of cellophane twice the size of the basket, and then set the basket in the center. I usually take the opposite ends of the cellophane and bring them up to the center above the handle if there is one. While holding those two pieces with one hand I take the other two pieces up to meet them one at a time. Wrap wire around this to hold the paper up. Turn your attention to the sides now, smoothing any protruding pieces flat against the sides using tape to secure it. You may have to lift the basket up and fold pieces under to the bottom to be taped. You may need help from another friend if your basket is large.

Finish your gift off with a bow that covers the twist tie. You will have a beautiful thoughtful gift and because you designed it yourself you will save money.

To sum this up let me just say that if I can make tea gift baskets

, you can too.

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