Tea Games and Activities for Your Disney Princesses

Having tea games and activities to entertain our Disney princesses will put the finishing touch on this special tea party. You will want to have party games that are age appropriate. Every young princess may enjoy making her own tiara or royal necklace to take home. We've got some fun activities and ideas for you to read about here

Let's look at tea games:

Musical Slipper
Take an old inexpensive high-heeled shoe. Yes, just one! Spray with glitter paint and decorate with gems and jewels. To play this game, play music and have the girls pass the slipper around the circle. When the music stops, the one with the slipper sits in the "throne", a chair in the center of the circle. Keep going until everyone has a chance to sit in the chair of honor. You may want to take a picture of each princess in the chair.

Find the hidden treasure
Hide some gold-foil covered coins around the house or in the yard. Have a hunt to return the royal treasure to the castle. Use a tea pot as the treasure chest. You could also use necklaces and jewelry found in a toy store as part of your treasure.

Taking something special home from the Royal Tea

The last part of planning a tea party are the party favors. Tea party ideas and favors can fit any budget. For the Disney princesses, you may want to purchase a tea set and send each little princess home with a tiara cookie and a cup and saucer from the tea set. If you have time, you and your own little princess may take time and make specials wands to include in this package as well. Here is an interesting idea for those who have time to make an edible tea cup. You might want to place a Disney tea cup pin inside you edible tea cups.

If money is not tight you may want to search eBay for minature tea cups as a very special parrty favor. Another special party favor, giving each princess a storybook picture of her day at the royal tea will be something she will cherish for many years to come.

When the Royal foods have been tasted, the special tea drinks have been drunk and the tea party games are over, your own special princess and all her princess friends will have enjoyed a very special day.

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