Tea for One Time for Solitude, Reflection and Stress Relief

by Diane
(Philadelphia, PA)

I love your site and enjoy the information you provide. I am a tea lover and thought that I would share with you how I enjoy tea for one.

Tea for one is my time. There is nothing like solitude, reflection and a soothing cup of tea to help find stress relief and recharge my spirit. Tea for one is a decadently selfish practice that helps me get through the day.

Some weeks I will have my favorite Earl Grey Tea morning and other weeks I will enjoy a different variety of tea each morning.

I love the early morning hours when everyone is still asleep. In the spring and summer, I take my tea outside in the garden. I love to be surrounded by the sounds of nature. Listening to the birds singing, seeing the flowers, fresh with morning dew all make me appreciate the simpler things in life. I take time to learn to live in the moment. It is something I have had to learn to do.

In this crazy world, we are inundated with sounds of modern technology. We cannot even go to purchase gas or groceries with out being bombarded with a TV or computerized screen trying to sell us something. Our personal space is filled with noise and the artificial nature of modern life. I feel as if time is not my own.

So I selfishly take a few stolen moments everyday, for me. For solitude, reflection and stress relief. In the early morning hours as I sit drinking my tea, I reflect on the positive things in my life.

This is truly my attitude adjustment time. I take time to appreciate the simple things: the blue sky, the incredible beauty and fragrance of a flower and the coolness of the morning air. It is in these sacred moments I find myself feeling grateful for being able to experience quiet reflection.

Many individuals in today’s world would feel uncomfortable not being constantly bombarded with visual and auditory stimulation. Many have not even taken the opportunity to experience the sound of their own heart beating. I have learned to embrace the silence. It is important to realize that I am not speaking of feeling lonely, far from it.

Loneliness is feeling a sense of isolation. When I sit with my tea, and I enjoy what is in front of me, I am not lonely at all. In these precious moments that I claim as mine, I am transformed. My creative energy soars.

It is in this time, as I sit with my cup of tea that I dream. They say that your thoughts become things, so choose good ones! So everyday I dream, maybe even fantasize of what I would like my world to become. It is in these moments that I learn about myself. I learn something new about myself everyday. I am learning to like the person that I am and discover things about myself that I feel that I need to change.

Tea for one allows me a way to take control over my life and put things in proper perspective. I reclaim my life and alone time for myself. The daily reflections, contemplation and dreams allow me the ability to handle the ongoing demands of everyday life.

The results of chronic stress have created an entire industry of stress relief tips and personal self help books. There are many health conditions as a result of chronic stress. I incorporate stress relief tips with my morning tea. Positive self talk, taking time to relax and breathe and I pay attention to the beating of my heart.

When life gets in the way, as it sometimes does, I miss my morning tea. On those days I find myself missing something. My morning ritual helps give me perspective on my life and a sense of peacefulness. I have been known to grab a cup of tea and steal away to find a quiet corner.

Tea for one renews my ability to handle the challenges of everyday life. The few moments of solitude and reflection promote stress relief. It renews my zest for life and allow me to be in control of my life. I hope you will take the time for tea for one.

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A Bridge Too Far
by: Keith

If you watch the film a bridge too far there is a part where an officer is getting stressed because the radio equipment isn't working. A private asks him if he wants a cup of tea? The officer snaps 'and what good will a cup of tea do?!' the private replied 'Well it won't make the situation any worse'

What an outlook a cup of tea can give you :)

Hi Kieth thanks for sharing

I've not seen the movie you mention, but I like the "private's" reply. Personally sipping tea when I'm stressed causes me to slow down and calm down and it definitely never hurts.

Best regards
Connie and Crew

Thanks For Sharing
by: Connie and Crew


It is interesting to read of how each tea lover relates drinking tea to their own lives. Your routine is special to you. My routine is just the opposite of yours. While I enjoy drinking loose leaf tea through out the day my special time is in the evening.

I enjoy how sipping my tea relaxes me and I can actually feel my physical body beginning to unwind and wisk me off the fast track I've been running on all day. There never seems to be enough time in my day except when I sit down in the evening with one of my many favorite teas.

Maybe other tea lovers will share their thoughts.

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