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Tea and chocolate is the part of our tea website tea store that is all about indulgence. This is the section of our tea shoppe where we will display all the wonderful chocolate discoveries we have found for those of us who want to indulge. Who ever thought that we would find tea and chocolate as in " chocolate tea"? Well we found it. Our affiliate partners have come through with some great things for us and our readers.

Let's start our quest for Chocolate and tea at an online tea shoppe. Adagio Teas offers two chocolate teas. One of them even has real chocolate chips blended with black ceylon tea. Ceylon is one of my favorites. Click on the tea cup that says "flavors" to find the chocolate tea. There are reader reviews of these products that will help you decide if these teas are for you. I say take a chance with the sample size and see for yourself.

Another fine tea shoppe Teavana offers several varieties of chocolate tea. We are mentioning just one here. Teavana Haute Chocolate Rooibos Tea. It is described as an aromatic blend of chicory, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and rich cocoa combined with a hearty red Rooibos tea.

Check out all the other chocolate teas and
for summer time it's all about iced tea.

When I started this page I immediately thought of an all chocolate afternoon tea party. What do you think? Share ideas if you've had a chocolate tea party. If you have ideas for chocolate tea party food, let us know.

One of my all time favorite chocolate special treats is chocolate covered strawberries. When I was a child my mother worked in a large department store in Pittsburgh. They had a candy department. When I went to town on the streetcar, I always stopped in to visit mom. I'd also take one chocolate covered strawberry home with me. Yum Yum as my granddaughter says. Today Sharis Berries is the renouned place to buy chocolate strawberries

sherri's berries

This company is not particularly kind to its affiliated partners you must make a purchase while you are visiting this site for your-cup-of-tea to be compensated in any way. If you leave Sharis Berries and go back immediately to make a purchase without first clicking on the banner on our site no credit is given to your-cup-of-tea. I cannot, however deprive you our loyal readers from knowing about this excellent source. You will find other chocolate confections here like chocolate covered cookies,cakes and more treats as well. (Remember if you wish to help support this site to always go to Sheris Berries by first visiting this page and clicking on the banner. Your support is much appreciated.)

For those who love dark chocolate, bravo, I even hear it is good for you. My first choice is milk chocolate, but occassionally I enjoy a dark chocolate truffle or other chocolate treat. I like to take a bite of the chocolate and then a sip of earl grey tea. I allow them both to meld together and enjoy the taste sensation in my mouth. It is a tea and chocolate indulgence. We have found a company that has been called the favorite of Forbes magazine since the year 2005. Introducing zChocolate


This next chocolate company is close to my heart because it is close to where I live. My husband who works in New York City is able to swing by to their store while in route from one location to another. He has been know to surprise me with a chocolate treat which, of course I love. Sometimes I like to allow a milk chocolat treat to just disolve in my mouth, oh so good. Then I follow with one of my favorite teas, darjeeling, a favored black loose leaf, sometimes an oolong with it slightly sweet flowery finish. Here is another sort of crazy thing I like to do with chocolate. I enjoy the taste of salty potatoe chips with a bit of chocolate. I often think that someone should start making this treat to sell, but since they don't I improvise. I break off a piece of the chip and put my chocolate on top and pop it into my mouth. Yum Yum Give Voges a try if you visit New York, or buy on line through our web site.

Now let's look for other chocolate treats Mrs Beasley's has so much to offer to a tea and chocolate tea party. My suggestion is to click on the banner below where you will find a treasure of goodies. Much of it will be chocolate, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate cheese cakes.


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