Tea accessories - make tea brewing easier.

Tea Accessories


What are some accessories you may need or just want to have when brewing tea?

Well there are always tea bags already filled with dust and fannings of tea. (This would not be my choice)

You may use a tea kettle to heat water on the stove.

Perhaps you would prefer an electric tea pot. (I use this one and I love it)

Jarden Zarafina Tea Maker Suite Click on the picture and you can find a full description there .

Some people buy tea balls to put the loose leaf tea in. (If you choose this option be sure the ball is large enough to allow the leaves to expand and release their flavor)

Many sizes and shapes of teapots are available for you to browse through. You can find the finest porcelain to stainless steel and from tea for one to larger pots for more people.

Tea cozies make great tea accessories (These are fabric covers to help keep tea brewed in porcelain or pottery hot)

Japanese Tea Ceremony Whisk and Bowl Sets

Spoons for measuring loose leaf tea.
loose leaf tea
Infuser baskets make good accessories (After brewing the tea the infuser is lifted out of the tea pot or cup. I prefer this; I feel that tea becomes bitter if the leaves are left in the pot)

Tea tins for storage. (Storage is very important. Tea should be kept in an air tight container to keep it fresh. I prefer tins that have a double seal for this)

Additional accessories

Tea tongs were and still are used to pick up pieces of lump sugar to add to tea.

Iced tea brewing pots some are electric such as the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker. The one I want is the Bodom Tea Pot for iced tea. It is made for use with loose leaf tea.

Beautiful china tea sets for serving your tea to friends

I recently saw a special tea cup with no handle and a small ball in the bottom of the cup. This makes it unnecessary to stir you tea if you add sweetener. What will they think of next?

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