Sorority Tea Party

by Cera

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers Small potted herbs make great party favors in spring Flowers that announce the arrival of spring Containers that say spring, just add spring flowers

I am planning a tea party for three very different sororities. I want the this to be spring fling, so every one can wear sunhats and sundresses. It will have to be inside. How can I decorate, and what kind of entertainment should we have?

Sounds like fun Cera

Let me first say that all the flower pictures are clickable to a larger size.

Spring flowers will make the perfect decorations for a spring tea party. Bring spring inside to your party location by adding several varieties of spring flowers. You can purchase potted plants and place them in strategic locations through out the room.

A groping in the center of your table would make a lovely centerpiece. Your could also use potted plants as a favor for you sorority sisters to take home with them.

Potted herbs also say spring as this is the time to start gardening. Potted herbs do well indoors, even in dorm rooms placed on a window sill.

Some spring flowers you may consider are:


The above flowers can all be purchased either as cut flowers or potted plants.

Forsythia is a beautiful bright yellow bush that flowers in the spring. You may know someone who has Forsythia who is willing to give you branches to arrange. You can also purchase these flowering branches from florists. Larger grocery stores have a floral department and you will find this flowering branch there as well.

Welcome signs or banners

Since you are hosting more than one sorority it may be nice to recognize each group with a welcoming sign or banner. Perhaps with pictures of the pin or jewelry associated with group. You will know better than I if this is acceptable to do.


I don’t know how large your “spring fling” is going to be or the age groups. A group very into loose leaf tea may like to hear a talk given by a professional in the tea industry. This idea could be used with the subject of the tea party itself. Inviting a florist to demonstrate creating a spring flower arrangement might be interesting.

Is your goal to allow people to get to know each other and socialize? You may ask each guest to introduce herself and say something about themselves.

Music is also a great form of entertainment. Create a selection of music you feel your guests will enjoy listening to. If your main goal, however, is to mingle and talk do not play the music too loud.

I hope some of these ideas will be helpful Cera. Hopefully others will chime in and give you more ideas.

Connie and Crew
PS: We would love to hear how your party went. Send us pictures too.

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