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Rooibos tea for skin care

Rooibos Tea Leaves

Rooibos tea contains fair amounts of alpha-hydroxy acid, which is known to promote healthy skin.

This tea is helpful when applied to skin irritations like itchy skin, eczema, sunburns, acne, rosocea and even diaper rash.

For diaper rash make a cup of rooibos tea. Allow the tea to cool until lukewarm. Take a clean cloth or cotton ball and dip into the tea. Apply to baby’s irritated area. The soothing powers of rooibos will help relieve your baby’s discomfort and promote healthy skin.

We have also searched for a place to purchase a salve containing Rooibos to soothe baby. We affiliated with the The Natural Store . Type the words rooibos salve into the search box and press enter. You will be on a page that presents a salve for baby that contains rooibos, lavendar and shea butter. These ingredients are natural skin care products. They have other natural products for baby here as well.

Rooibos tea not only helps protect or soothe bab's skin but it is also used as a remedy to soothe colic in baby. Simple brew some rooibos herbal tea and mix with mothers milk or formula. Since it is a completely natural tea you are not giving baby man made chemicals.

We suggest you check with your pediatrition and get his opinion and approval before using rooibos for colic or other stomache upsets.

Maintaining healthy skin all through life is important

Rooibos tea is known to contain alpha hydroxyl acid and zinc. These ingredients are well know for contributing to healthy skin care.

This herbal tea, rooibos actually contains more antioxidants and polyphenols than tea from the camilla seninsis plant and is healthful in many ways including care of the skin.

Green tea for healthful skin

Green tea is also said to be a useful agent to healthy skin. Some people actually use it as a face wash. Just dipping hands in cooled green tea and splashing on the face can be a good skin treatment. Studies have shown that because green tea contains high levels of anti-oxidants, it helps to limit UV skin damage. This is also true of white tea.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil white tea also has properties that are effective for the skin. White tea is considered to be better than 20 other plant and herbal extracts tested. Read his whole article here.

We can see that teas and herbal teas are part of nature that has many uses for healthy bodies both inside and out.

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