Side Effects of Tea

Is there a down side of drinking loose leaf tea?

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A look at the side effects of tea

The biggest issue with tea is that it contains caffeine. While tea contains about half the amount of caffeine as coffee the stimulant is still in there. Large amounts of caffeine taken over a long enough time can produce insomnia and irritability. These would be side effects of tea.

It seems the key words here are large amounts. The caffeine in tea is generally considered safe when consumed in moderation. Common sense also plays a roll here; if caffeine causes you to have insomnia, drink decaffeinated before bed. Herbal teas and Rooibos tea are good alternatives as well. These beverages contain no caffeine while offering all the same noted health benefits of tea.

Some suggest it may be wise to limit tea intake during pregnancy because of the caffeine it contains. It seems though that in moderation, as with most things tea will not harm us during this time of our life. This would be a decision best discussed with our doctor.

Here again Rooibos tea may be a good substitute that tastes great. It is just as easy to prepare as any other tea. You can enjoy the many different flavors both hot and iced; while avoiding caffeine which can cause side effects of tea.

Other side effects of tea

Our bodies need iron to carry oxygen to our cells. With meals tea may decrease the uptake of iron from the iron rich foods we eat. Drinking tea between meals does not affect iron absorption at all.  It is considered unlikely that people eating a classic Western diet would be at risk for iron deficiency anemia.

It seems to be easier to find information on the good things about tea than it is to find negatives about tea.

Here’s something new to me about tea. It is definitely NOT a negative. Drinking tea can be a weapon against bad breath also known as halitosis. This condition is caused by a bacterium that can live in places where there is no oxygen. I have just described the back of the tongue. It is hard to reach this area even when you brush your tongue while brushing your teeth.

It has been found that drinking black tea can help bad breath. Remember bad breath is caused by bacteria growing. Drinking black tea can reduce the growth of bacteria. Result, help in the fight against bad breath. mouthwash Wow, that’s better than taking medicine or gargling with some awful tasting liquid.

Yes, black should be your cup of tea, as well as green, white, oolong and herbal teas to name a few.

Thanks to the research done by the American University of Illinois in Chicago on the side effects of tea.

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