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Connie bakingRecipes and sharing them is what we do. Being asked for you recipe is a real compliment to us as cooks and bakers. I plan to share with you any recipes that I think you'd enjoy.

I've been lucky over the years some of my favorites have been given to me by friends. It is my pleasure to share them with you here. I will also encourage readers to offer some of your recipes to others here as well.

We've all tasted dishes that we want to try making ourselves. Friends are usually flattered and happy that you liked what they served. I have found them more than willing to share what they've made with me.

I'm no different. It makes me happy to contribute one of my own dishes to someone's collection. This web site is all about sharing with friends. Recipes and sharing them is a big part of that.

I was a hair stylist when I lived in Pittsburgh. I was talking to women all day long. A group of women together always seem to end up talking about food. Almost every Saturday each of the stylists would bring a food item to work. We were lucky to have a big back room that we used as a kitchen. Even our clients would bring their special favorites.

I carried my “set it and forget it” rotisserie in to work almost weekly. Eventually I bought a second one of Ron Popiel's rotisseries and just left it there. We cooked chicken, ham, prime rib even duck in that oven. The wonderful smells drifting out into the salon area started many a food discussion.

I often brought in iced tea for us or a new herbal tea I had tried. You can see we all got involved and we all shared our favorite recipes.

If you follow my blog, you already know our customers were generous with their special dishes too. My very first blog entry was one for scones. It was given to me by a long time customer of mine. Her name is Martha Bosley, and I love her scones.

I'll be adding another one today. This is one I found on the joy of baking web site. These are the best chocolate scones that I've made so far. These scones came from Stephanie Jaworski. She has given me permission to share it with my readers.

If you would like to be part of recipes and sharing by contributing one of your favorites to our web friends send them to me here.

Martha Bosley's scones
One of my favorite scone recipes from a good friend. These will melt in your mouth.
Stephanie Jaworski's Chocolate Scones
Stephanie the author of Joy of shared this one with us. If you are a chocolate lover you must try these.
Basic Scones Recipe
Here is the basic start to many good scones recipes.
Sun Raisin Scones
I've got so many favorites. Here's another one from great grandmother Pollock.
Wafer Cookies
Oh so delicate and small, you guessed it, this is a family favorite.
Pretzel sandwich
Cookies that kids love making and eating.
Struffoli recipe
Tiny honey covered fritters
Brandy Balls recipe
Our Mom's favorite no bake cookie
Tea sandwiches
Tea sandwich recipes
Grilled Chicken Salad sandwich
Grill chicken breasts
Mint Cucumber sandwich
Thinly sliced cucumber
Ham and Swiss sandwich
Black Forest Ham, sliced thin

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