Princess and the Frog Theme Tea Party Ideas

Princess and the FrogHaving a princess and the frog party is an enjoyable way for your child to spend time with her friends or celebrate her birthday. The story has been famous for decades and now with the Disney version, children are fonder of the classic tale, which features a lot of good party ideas from which to draw.

Tea Party Decorations

To recreate the princess and the frog story for a party the first thing to do is ask all the guests to dress up like princesses. Next, you want to pay close attention to the decorations because small details make a difference between this theme and every other Disney princess party. Start with the entrance way and place a small table there that features either two stuffed toy frogs from the movie or have a small tank with two real frogs as well as a tiny treasure chest full of jewels the little princesses can add to their costume as they enter the room.

The party space should be very classy and elegant, with clean lines on the linens and dressed up place holders at the table. For instance, you could put a frog in front of each place setting and attach a small card with the child’s name on it to the frog’s mouth; this also doubles as a party favor and is useful for some games since each girl has her own frog. To create an extra chic look, put matching slipcovers or fabric on all the chairs to make them look like thrones and pull the loose fabric tight, and tie it in a knot, sticking a wand or giant lollipop through the knot.

Children’s birthday parties are never complete without balloons, of which there should be no more than three different colors. If the tea party is outside, which tends to be the best location, you may tie the balloons down to various fixtures or use weights to keep them on the table. A koi pond and greenery are other elements that add an authentic princess and the frog experience if you can find a venue that has these features or if you happen to have them in your yard that helps too.

Tea Party Games

This story is full of magic and cooking so setting up different craft stations is one way to entertain the princesses. You may elect to let the girls make their own “gumbo” with the use of candy and bubble gum balls and mason jars or have them make their own “magic” lotion by adding glitter with Popsicle sticks to pre-filled bottles of lotion. Or you might choose to stick to making stuffed frog animal, kits are available in toy and craft stores, or tiaras. You could also opt to give a quick etiquette lesson, since this is a tea party and the “tea,” or fruit punch, should always be consumed with the pinky up.

Tea Party Food

As for the food, you can find great ideas by looking at other tea party pictures but one thought is to color the cake or cupcake icing the same color as the rest of the party décor. You might think about making cookies or scones in the shape of a teapot using a cookie cutter as well as frogs and crowns, which you can decorate with round sprinkles or tiny edible pearls. Check other pages on our site for tea party ideas and food.

Hopefully this helps to get you started on having a fun princess and the frog birthday tea party for your little princess and all of her friends.

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