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Organic green tea, here in the United States black tea has been the most popular tea. Green tea, however, is becoming requested more and more. Green is the tea that has seen the most research devoted to it. Scientists are working hard to confirm the connection of green tea to the many health benefits attributed to it.

This loose leaf tea has been consumed in Asain countries for centuries. It is considered to be a necessary part of a healthy diet there.

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Organic Green Tea Wuyuan Mingmei

This green tea, from Generation Tea, is grown in Wuyuan County in Jiangxi province, which is located in southeastern China. The name Mingmei means Famous Plum in reference to its traditionally heralded plum-like flavor. The short, tightly rolled, dry leaves are green with yellow highlights, and give off a moderate grassy aroma. I brewed this tea in a two-cup teapot by covering one heaping teaspoonful of tea with hot, but not boiling, water. Steeping the tea for three minutes created a rich golden-yellow liquid with a light grassy aroma.

I do not like drinking green tea that is too hot. I prefer to let it cool to just above room temperature before sampling. (I believe that is how the Chinese have traditionally consumed their tea.) Although I could not detect a plum-like flavor, I did find the tea to have a light pleasant taste without added sweetener. I decided to experiment further, and brewed two cupfuls to which I added sweetener. I would advise that those who choose to add a sweetener to use as little as possible to avoid overwhelming the delicate flavor of the tea.

This tea can be infused two or three times, and continue to deliver excellent flavor. I brewed another pot of tea using the same leaves, sweetened it, and refrigerated it to make light iced tea. While it will not replace my favorite black iced tea, it was a delightfully mild summer cooler.

If you’re a green tea devotee, you should seriously consider adding this Wuyuan Mingmei to you selection.

Organic Green Tea Coins

Prior to making a pot of tea from Generation Tea ’s Organic Green Tea Coins, I had never brewed tea from large compressed pellets. If you have a transparent glass teapot, watching the expansion of the deep green quarter-sized pellets is fascinating sport. Compression into pellets preserves the flavor of the tea, and makes it easier to transport. The pellets also offer the convenience of a tea bag. To make a cup of green tea, simply drop a pellet into a cup of hot water! This is a great tea to brew for the entertainment of children.

Despite the convenience of brewing in the cup, I chose to prepare my tea by placing two pellets into my two‑cup teapot, and adding steaming, but not boiling, water. I steeped the tea for three minutes which yielded a light-yellow fruity tea with a subtle pleasant grassy aroma.  

Many will find the tea satisfying without added sweetener. I found it to be just a tad bitter, but enjoyed it immensely after adding sweetener to taste. It is not a tea that I would use to accompany a meal with strong flavors, but it is a great sit-back-and-relax tea. I tried it iced with additional sweetener, and found it to be a pleasant refreshing drink.

Budget minded tea drinkers will be pleased to find out that each tea coin will support up to three infusions!

Green tea coins and traveling

These coins will travel well. It’s an excellent tea to take when you travel. Motel rooms always have a coffee pot with coffee bags, but seldom provide tea. These green-tea coins will give you options.

Whether you take it hot or iced, it’s a pleasant light tea that will add to the enjoyment of those quiet contemplative moments.

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