Olive Leaf Tea
So You've Never Heard Of It


olive groveOlive leaf tea? Is it true you never heard of it. This is an herbal tea that is making a name for itself. This tea has a wonderful unique flavor that every tea drinker should experience.

You will not be disappointed. Olive tea is made from the leaves of the “Mission” and “Manzanilla” olive trees.

The leaves are gently hand picked, known as plucking, from these beautiful ancient trees. The leaves are then carefully washed and air dried. The process continues by keeping the leaves in a cool, dark area to cure and preserve the essential oils in the leaves.

Once the leaves have been processed, they can be stored in an airtight container. Out of sunlight the leaves will keep for up to one year.

What is so special about tea made from olive leaves

Olives are enjoyed throughout the world for their great taste and health benefits.

The most recommended heart healthy diet is the Mediterranean diet; which is rich in olive oil, fruits and vegetables. Olive oil is not only the first choice in the culinary arena because of its ability to enhance the flavor of the foods it's mixed with, the health benefits are proven and recommended by the nutritionists and health organizations.

The leaves of the olive tree, just like the fruits of the olive tree, contain some very important essential oils from which we can benefit.

olive leaf tea

Making olive leaf tea is as simple as bringing good quality water to a boil and then pouring it over the whole leaf or an infuser with several loose leaves (about 1 teaspoon dried leaf per cup). Let it steep for 3 to 7 minutes, or until it has an amber color. You will be rewarded with a sweet flavorful tea.

Now you have a great tasting cup of tea with some superior health benefits. A cup of olive tea is a treat for the senses. It has a pleasant sweet scent and teases the palate with a full bodied hint of olive like flavor, when steeped for 5 minutes.

Olive leaf tea can not be found everywhere. We have found an organic olive orchard right here in the United States in the state of California. If you would like to try this tea we feel comfortable with Olivus Tea.

Let’s now explore the health benefits of olive tea.

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