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  • Tea Note Speaker - June 2009 Issue

    Editors Note
    From the Editors Desk

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    Father's Day Gift Ideas

    If your father is a tea lover remembering his special day couldn't be easier. Gifts for lovers of tea with free wrapping of all items. Arm chair shopping on the internet makes your life simplier. Your happy and dad is happy, what could be better?

    Try a “Boston tea party” theme for the Fourth of July.

    A “Boston Tea Party” themed party is a great way to kick off one of the biggest summer holidays. This theme will teach history and give you an opportunity to expand in your Fourth of July party ideas.

    Our forefathers may have thrown over a lot of tea into the Boston Harbor, but it wasn’t because they did not enjoy their tea!

    Bringing back a part of history and traditions of days gone by, will make your Fourth of July celebration a special event. After all, this is a time to be thankful for being able to enjoy all the freedoms we have. It is a time to celebrate how lucky we are to be Americans and enjoy the freedoms our forefathers fought so hard to acquire Read more… here.

    Fourth of July tea party recipe

    The Fourth of July is about celebrating our freedoms that our forefathers worked so hard for, and we continue to fight for today.

    The Boston Tea party was a pivotal moment in American history that led us to the Revolutionary War and the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    This pivotal moment was over tea! The British were taxing the tea that the colonist’s were drinking. Then tea was the preferred drink. After the occurrence of the Boston Tea Party, many colonists missed their beloved drink and sought other alternatives, such as using rhubarb and blueberry leaves.

    Tea is only now experiencing a resurgence in this country. To find some Fourth Of July recipe ideas click here and here.

    Featured Loose Leaf Tea

    It is summer time and everyone is drinking iced tea. Learn how the instant iced tea we buy off the shelf. Before you go to the store and purchase these fast and easy products, read about just what is in them. Read more here...

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