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Green tea health benefits

Many believe that matcha green tea offers a greater amount of antioxidants. We know that green tea health benefits are many because the leaves contain polyphenols or antioxidants. Are you wondering why matcha offers more healthful antioxidants? Match is brewed in a different way than other teas.You will find that this brewing method holds the key to more antioxidants.

Making Loose leaf green tea

Loose leaf green tea is brewed in water for about 3 minutes. (Find complete instructions here) You then enjoy a healthful refreshing cup of hot tea. You can also find green tea recipes that can be iced. Try these and you can enjoy a cold refreshing yet healthy beverage.

Green tea antioxidants

Green matcha tea is actually the whole tea leaf that has been dried and ground. This powdered tea is then reconstituted by whisking with water until it becomes frothy. Using very hot water 185 to 195 degrees produces a cup of steaming rich in antioxidant (think health benefits again) green tea.

Whisking the matcha powder with cold water in the same manner gives you a cold drink. Pour it over ice and drink an antioxidant rich iced green tea. There are also ways to offer variations of these drinks. Many people like to add milk and sweeteners to their matcha drinks. By adding steamed milk in equal parts to hot matcha you create a matcha misto. Starbucks is well known for introducing the green tea latte which is made using matcha powder. Adding a cold dairy product to iced matcha will give you an iced au Lait.

We suggest you search Tevana teas to find quality matcha tea.

Either way you and your family can enjoy the many green tea health benefits . Matcha is another healthy beverage to add to your arsenal of teas and herbal teas in your effort to maintain good health.

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