Making Chinese tea using one of the little know varieties of tea

Making Chinese tea using pu erh tea

making chinese tea

Making Chinese tea using one of the varieties of tea we have discussed on our site. Today it can be purchased in loose leaf or brick tea form. Let's talk about how to brew tea using loose leaf pu erh.

Read this gourmet tea information and learn it is really quite simple to brew pu erh tea. We use all the same tea brewing accessories we need to make other types of tea. We still need to use good filtered water because our pu erh tea will be affected by such things as chloride being in the water.

We also need to prepare our water by bringing it to a boil in a tea kettle or other type of pot.

While the water is heating we will want to prepare the tea pot we plan to use by filling it with hot water. (this water will be discarded just before we brew the tea leaves)

Note: I would always use a teapot with a removable infuser for brewing tea with pu erh leaf tea. You do not want the leaves to continue to brew in a pot but you do want them to be accessible for additional uses. Pu erh can be re-infused several times.

I find Generation Tea to be a good internet source for quality Chinese pu erh tea. This company has a large selection and I buy my own pu-erh here. Their Oolongs are also guite good.

Generation Tea offers a 21st Century Gongfu Tea Brewing Cup, I believe it woud be a good pot to brew tea, especially pu erh. These leaves can be re infused many times without loss of flavor. This particular teapot design allows you to remove the filtering basket without causing leaking and allows your leaves to be ready for another infusion when you want to brew more tea.

When making Chinese tea do it right

I often do things without reading the directions first. In the case of pu erh tea, which is expensive, I recommend reading and trusting the package directions for brewing time. Just as fine wine is fermented and aged pu erh tea is also fermented and aged. Vintage pu erh can sell for very high prices. I don't want to throw my money away by ruining the tea. I'm sure you don't want to do that either.

chinese pu-erhGenerally we would use one teaspoon (assuming you have purchased loose leaf puerh) for six ounces of water. If you are using a tea brick or cake a small piece must be broken off of it. Each of you will want to adjust to your own taste with more or less leaves as you learn to enjoy this variety of tea.

Water temperature is suggested at 205 to 212 degrees. Brew tea for one to four minutes to your own taste. You will need to experiment as you learn about this tea. With each additional steep time you may want to add one minute.

There is one difference when making Chinese tea using pu erh tea leaves. For younger pu erh rinse the leaves one time. For older aged pu erh rinsing twice is recommended. You do this by pouring boiling water over the leaves and then discarding the water.

That's all there is to it, you now have the gourmet tea information you need to prepare yourself a cup of pu erh tea.

  Tip: This is a good tea for a coffee drinker to try. Pu-erh is the color of coffee. The first time I was served this drink I remember thinking this looks like coffee and it offers good body.

In case you are wondering why it is called pu-erh tea this article on our site will give you some background on pu-erh tea.   For more information about pu erh tea both brick tea and loose leaf I recommend visiting this site where you will find there is much more to learn.

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