Hosting a Mad Hatter Tea Party?
Try These Activity ideas for Kids at the Party

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Making newspaper Mad Hatter tea party hats is a fun and inexpensive activity for kids at the party. The added bonus will be specially made tea party favors the kids will remember and talk about for a long time.

This will be a very unique party children will not be invited to attend very often. Your child and her friends will be excited to have a very special memory to share.

To become a Mad Hatter you will need:

Take 3-4 sheets of newspaper and mold over each child’s head.

While holding the newspaper in place, wrap masking tape around the head to create the mold for the hat.

Starting at the forehead, begin to roll the brim up tightly. Take time to tape your flowers in place around the hat. Then finish by rolling brim.

And Here is the end product!

party activities hatssillytea party hat

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Games for the Mad Hatter Tea Party

A Mad Hatter Tea party would not be complete without lots of silly games, answer silly riddles and of course playing lawn croquet is always fun.

For the younger set, you may want to provide copies of pictures of roses, characters or even tea pots and tea cups to allow them to color or paint.

Make A “Pin the Hat on the Mad Hatter” game supervise as the children play.

Find Dormouse: Hide Dormouse and let the kids look for him.

For older kids, lawn chess would be fun for many.

Have everyone where a name tag with their name spelled backwards. Then have everyone use that as their name for the day. Or pin the name of a character from the story on everyone’s back. Each has to ask for clues to guess who the character is.

Make silly rules that when you talk to someone and they answer they must say the opposite of what it is they rally want.

Fill the tea pot game: Develop 2 teams. Each team has a tea pot on a table. On the opposite end of the room is a bowl of water and each team has their own miniature tea cup and saucer.

Do a relay race. The rule is the first team to fill their tea pot wins. Each player is to dip their tea cup into the water and place it on the saucer. They then continue back and forth, each successful player going to the end of the line until the team that fills their teapot up wins!

The Mad Hatter tea party “I’m late, I’m late” game: Just like a potato sack race. Have everyone put on bunny ears and jump across the lawn saying “I’m late”

Put Alice in Wonderland character names in a hat and have everyone pull one out. Then have everyone act out who they are.

Now I ask you, how could anyone not have fun at this party.

Remember the place to tell us all about your tea party is here.

We are excited to have you share ideas with us.

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