The Mad Hatters Tea Party
A Memorable Party for Kids!

Alice In Wonderland Classic Queen Of Hearts Crown

A Mad hatters tea party conjures up fun and excitement. It is NOT your traditional tea party by any stretch of the imagination. If you recall in Alice In Wonderland , the Mad Hatter and the March Hare are two very eccentric characters that are always having tea.

In this nonsensical story the Queen of Hearts sentences The Mad Hatter to death for killing time. There unanswerable riddles and constant changing of places at the table, the clock has stopped and it is always tea time!

So let’s get creative and have fun. The first thing to consider is the invitations. Invitations to your Mad Hatter tea party will set the tone and fill your guests with anticipation! Consider making invitations in the shape of a watch or a silly hat. Include a silly or fun rhyme like:

Don’t be Late!

Don’t be Late! For this very important date!!!!

Or you may want to say

You are invited walk through the looking glass and join me for a tea party!On the inside you may want to write: Prepare and dress for silly and fun, As there will be hats to be made And lots of games to be won.


Join me in Wonderland for croquet. Please come for fun and to play!

When addressing the outside envelope, make up a fun title like to: The Duchess (their First name) of (use their street name, or county or city where they live).

Consider dressing up as Dormouse or the Cheshire cat or even the

,Mad Hatter himself, if you dare, and then deliver the invitations, in person. This will create anticipation and excitement before the event.

You may want to suggest that the guests

come dressed as Alice in Wonderland charactors, but only if they feel comfortable doing so.

Be creative and create your own silly riddles or nonsensical rhymes to write on you invitations.

Tea party decorations for your Mad Hatters tea party should be silly and fun to go along with your theme. In the story, there is a very long table. Consider getting a variety of mismatched tea pots, dishes and silverware. Use paper doilies on everyday dishes to add a touch of sophistication to the party!

The tea pots can be set with flowers on the table and you will definitely need one tea pot with the very tired and precious Dormouse sitting in it.

A variety of mismatched chairs around the table to add to the ambience.

Use paper lanterns and painted signs that say “This way, please”, “Go up”, “Turn here”, “Down”. You can create large playing cards out of card stock. Or make some faces of a clock with the time stopped at ‘Tea Time!”.

Remember, everything about this tea

party is nonsensical
. Use wine goblets with tags on that say “Drink Me!” to serve your iced tea punch.

If you are not necessarily a do it yourself person there is help to be had. Just click on the picture on the right.

The menu for the tea party should have fun names and be posted for all to see. Take an easel and create an announcement board and create a fun and silly menu for the day.

Mad Hatters Tea Party Menu

March Rabbit Tea Sandwiches
Cheshire Cat Pinwheels
Nonsensical Salad ( veggies and dip)
Curiouser and Curiouser Scones
The White Queen’s Clotted Cream
Dormouse Lemon Curd
The Queen of Hearts Tarts
The Knaves Cookie Assortment
“Sorry jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, but, no jam today”

For Dessert Mad Hatter Tea Party Cake

The Kings Favorite Teas
Iced Tweedledee and Tweedledum Tea Punch
Pool Of Tears Iced Tea Lemonade
Assortment of hot teas and lemon slices

Making a Mad Hatter tea party cake is easy. Bake a tiered round cake and frost with your favorite frosting. Place edible flowers and use licorice string for a bow. If you are rushed, just get a store bought cake and use frosting to inscribe “EAT ME” on the cake.

Tea party favors can be made to look like a hat. Take card stock and cut 2 inch circles out of it. Then take some decorator frosting and a large marshmallow. On one side of the marshmallow you put the decorator frosting onto the marshmallow and place it in the middle of the cardboard circle. If you want you can dip the marshmallow into colored chocolate prior to applying the decorators icing.

Decorate each hat with thin stripes of icing, edible flowers and string licorice as bows. A sure hit to take home.

Click here to see how you and your party guests can make some silly hats that can double as a party favor.

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