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What Is Organic Loose Tea?

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Organic tea is grown on land where farmers do not use any pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, chemical additives, synthetic fertilizers, or any other type of man made product. By using this method farmers keep their land healthy and fresh.

The soil is always ready to grow more tea plants and leaves. This makes a healthier product for you, and healthier land and air for every living organism in the area. This benefits the earth, us, the environment, the atmosphere, and so much more. Many organic leaf tea farms are also fair trade.

The loose leaves we use to brew tea give you a better experience with each cup of tea. Just like coffee drinkers love to grind their own coffee beans for better freshness, tea drinkers can find that loose tea will bring a better blend and freshness to your cup of tea.

Why Is Organic Loose Tea Better For You?

Here is a good question to ask yourself. Would you want to consume tea where the tea leaves have been covered and grown with anything on the list below?

It is doubtful that you would put the healthiness of a food product into someone else’s hands. You can wash most of the chemicals used to grow vegetables and fruit because most of them have rather non-porous surfaces or skins. Even then, the variety of pesticides used on fruits and vegetables are simply overwhelming, and they get into the food no matter what you do to try to wash them off.

Just think about what those chemicals will do to loose tea that so easily soak up water and seep into it to create a drinkable tea beverage!

Organically grown is better for you than traditionally grown tea leaves. Organic leaf tea gives you the opportunity to taste tea the natural way. You get more of the antioxidants that tea leaves offer us because they are still whole – not cut or ground.

Why Is Organic Leaf Tea Better For The Environment?

Some farmers will use a technique to grow tea plants under direct sunlight all day long. This is not good for the land, the plants or the environment. In order to have the plants in direct sunlight all of the trees in the area will simply be cut down. The farm will also not last very long as the direct sunlight slowly kills the soil making it nearly impossible to grow anything. loose leaf tea farm

And of course, pesticides, insecticides, chemicals, herbicides, and any other man made chemical used to help plants grow bigger and faster nearly destroy the plants, the land and the environment. It also interrupts the natural flow and cycle of nature, which is not good for anyone.

Conclusion: Organic leaf tea is better for the land, the environment, and our families.

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