Tea explorer's thoughts on some particular loose leaf green tea

Loose leaf green tea packed with antioxidants, tea explorer offers some suggestions on new ones to try.

Loose Leaf Green Tea

It is seldom recognized that the tea that initially swept across Europe in the 1600’s was loose leaf green tea. Loose leaf black tea began its ascent about a century later.

This type of tea has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity owing to reported green tea health benefits. With new studies being done on a regular basis offering encouraging results, it is no wonder that more of us are trying different loose green tea. Tea drinkers are also discovering that the many varieties of loose leaf green tea offer an abundance of delightful taste experiences.

Green tea is produced in many parts of China and Japan as well as other countries. There are as many flavor variations as there are growing areas. If you enjoy green tea, and have an inclination to experiment, you’ll be delighted with our suggestions of loose leaf green teas.

You will want to try many of the teas we talk about here. Green tea, with its light and refreshing flavor, has been making serious inroads into the black tea’s predominance in Western markets.

It is also enjoying increasing popularity as an iced beverage for those hot summer afternoons. Some drink it plain: others take it lightly sweetened. However you drink it, you’ll find it to be an excellent addition to your diet.

Tea Review: Sencha Green Tea

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Adagio Tea's Sencha Premier is a loose leaf green tea grown in Japan’s Shizuoka region. I was surprised at how quickly I recognized the aroma of the dry loose tea leaves. They smelled like new mown grass! While the smell of fresh cut grass is pleasant and brings back fond memories, I became concerned that the resulting tea might not share those qualities.

After brewing the tea in warm water for the recommended three minutes, I realized that I had stumbled upon my new favorite green tea.
I experimented to determine if the tea was bold enough to withstand added sweetener. It did, and resulted in a pleasant drink.

My personal preference, however, is for green teas that satisfy without sweeteners. This tea meets my expectations.

This light green colored tea loose leaf green tea sencha is lightly flavored and smooth. It’s a tea to be enjoyed by itself. I would not compromise its delicate flavor with any food more overwhelming than a sugar cookie.

Although it will never become a replacement for my favorite iced black tea, when iced, it makes a delightful, light, and pleasantly refreshing summer drink.

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Tea Review: Gyokuro

Adagio Teas Gyokuro tea is a green tea whose name means “jade dew.” It is one of Japan’s costlier tea exports. The dry loose tea is mildly aromatic.

Following Adagio’s recommendation, I brewed this tea for only three minutes,how to brew green tea using the recommended water temperature. The resulting beverage had a mild earthy aroma. Even with this short brewing time, the light green beverage had a strong flavor with a slightly astringent bite

I did not enjoy the first sip. I prefer loose leaf green tea that satisfies without added sweetener. I could not however,enjoy this tea without it. With a small amount of added sugar, I found it to be a pleasant but strong drink that could hold its own when paired with mildly flavored foods.

As an iced green tea this works well

When sweetened to taste and refrigerated, it did make a delightfully light and pleasant drink for those hot summer nights.

Keep in mind, this is a finely cut green tea, and the smaller leaves pass easily through most infusers. It might be a good idea for all but the most talented tea drinkers to pour it into the cup through a strainer.

I would not refuse a cup of this tea, when offered, but it would not be one of my personal favorites. I suggest you give Gyokuro tea a chance. Decide for youself if this will be your cup of tea.

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