Iced tea - Who put the ice in tea?

The history of iced tea

Glass of Iced Tea

Iced Tea wasn't served as a drink until the year 1904. It was invented really by accident. At the World Fair, held that year in St. Louis, Missouri, a tea salesman was offering his hot beverage to people attending the fair.

It was so hot that he couldn't get many to even give it a try. He came up with the idea of adding ice to his drink. Well, that was a huge success. It's often said, "The rest is history". So it happens that today over 80 percent of the tea we drink in America is iced.

Note: Our tea salesman, Richard Blechynden, was motivated to get people at the fair to taste his tea. He used his brain to solve a problem. We're still thanking him today.

Many Americans continue to ice their tea in the winter. They don't feel the need to switch to something hot. Here it is a beverage enjoyed the year round.

Before you could buy flavors of ice tea I made my own variation. I would make iced-tea-pitchers filled with tea. Then I would add ice and slices of oranges, lemons and limes. It was my version of a tea sangria. My family loved it.

Note: My family and my sister's family went on vacation together every summer. We drove to Ocean City Maryland. It was a six to seven hour drive for us, with a car packed to the brim. My grandchildren always wanted me to bring along my Mr. Coffee iced tea maker to use while we were away. That's how much they enjoyed the tea recipe. Naturally, Gram being very flattered and loving to make her grand kids happy somehow squeezed the tea maker into the car.

Today we aren't limited to green or black iced tea. We can find so many flavors on the market to drink.

Passion fruit
Berry Blossom
Strawberry Kiwi
Cranapple Raspberry
Lemon Key Lime
Mango Pineapple
Mandarin Orange
Ginger Peach
Lemon Ginger

These are flavors that are added to black tea or green tea bases. Many are available in loose-leaf form. This is the form of tea I like best.

My personal favorite iced tea today is Mango, with Mandarin Orange being a close second,

A good black tea iced with or without a slice of lemon can't be beaten either. You can never go wrong with the tried and true.

Note: When I'm at a restaurant and would like a glass of iced tea, I ask the wait staff if the tea is fresh brewed. If not, I get some other drink.

Try some of these great iced teas. Be creative and blend a couple of flavors together. Make a family favorite home made iced tea recipe for your family. Send us the recipe so we can try your creation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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