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It is just the beginning of February. Is it a good time of year to try new or different iced tea recipes? If you live in the warmer areas of the country, the answer is definitely yes. All over the country Americans enjoy a real iced tea. 80 percent of the tea we drink is actually iced. Many people, like me enjoy drinking iced tea all year long.

I enjoy trying new iced tea recipes as much as trying new hot tea varieties. Many tea shops are offering loose leaf tea in fruit flavors and botanical herbal tea blends. These loose teas make great iced drinks. The variety is endless. This article will start with the basics.

Basic black iced tea using loose leaf tea

4 C Freshly boiled water
8 generous teaspoons of loose leaf black tea
Sugar to taste (optional)
4 Cups very cold or ice water

While the water is boiling prepare a tea sock or filter by placing the loose leaf tea inside
(if using a commercial filter you may want to use more than one to allow for room for the leaves to open)

Note: To make your own tea sock or filter wash a new pair of white panty hose, then cut one leg to a length that will allow your loose leaf tea to have plenty of room to unfurl. Tie a secure knot after the leaf tea has placed inside

Pour the water over the loose leaf tea
Time for 4 minutes
Remove the loose tea leaves
If your are adding sugar do it at this time and stir until disolved
Add the cold water

Pour over ice to serve and enjoy

Black iced tea variations

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Follow the tea recipe above and garnish with a slice or wedge of lemon. This allows your guest to decide to squeeze the slice or not.

Follow the tea recipe above and garnish with mint leaves. Fresh mint can be purchased from the grocer or grown in containers. Grow mint in your own kitchen using the AreoGarden. We found this great device at Chef Catalog. (see link below)

Mint leaves for garnishareospace garden


Other garnishes may include orange or lime slices, pineapple spears or other tasty fruit.

Remember when you make iced tea using loose leaf tea that the leaf tea can be resteeped or brewed. Add one or two minutes to the brewing time.

How to make iced tea with important tips for perfect iced tea:

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